Albanese Condemns Neo-Nazi Activity Following Sydney Incident


On Friday, NSW Police arrested six of nearly 61 heavily disguised individuals, issuing 55 Rail Infringement Notices for offensive behaviour. Two released men received infringement notices. ABC reported all-black attire and a neo-Nazi banner.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese condemned the activity of a group of heavily disguised people who had boarded a train in Sydney, saying that he doesn’t want to see people in balaclavas dressed in black from head to toe, who are engaged in neo-Nazi activity in this country.

“It has no place and it is rightly being condemned by all decent people,” he said on Saturday in Orange, Australian state of New South Wales (NSW).

The NSW Police Force announced on Friday that six among the group of nearly 61 heavily disguised people were arrested and taken to the police station following a police operation, and a further 55 men were issued Rail Infringement Notices for offensive behaviour, Xinhua news agency reported.

Two men had since been released and issued infringement notices for offensive behaviour, the police added.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) reported that these people were wearing all black, including balaclavas, and they produced a banner referencing a neo-Nazi group.

Albanese said he was shocked by the number of people.

“We have seen a rise in neo-Nazi activity on extreme right-wing activity,” he added.

Held every year on January 26, Australia Day marks the anniversary of the 1788 landing of the British First Fleet in the country.

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