Baloch Rights Group ‘Exposes’ Reality of CPEC in Gwadar


The organisation stated that the so-called development endeavours have “destroyed” the lives of local people and starkly exemplify the outcome of the state’s “Baloch Genocidal Policies.”…reports Asian Lite News

The multi-billion-dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) stood ‘exposed’ as the relief aid could not reach the flood-affected people in Gwadar despite tall claims made for the project.

Baloch rights organisation Baloch Yakjehti Committee in a social media post on X stated that while Gwadar is portrayed as a “beacon” of development and prosperity, it has instead become a symbol of “exploitation, despair, and suffering.”

“Today, BYC stands amidst the port city of #Gwadar, a central node in the multi-billion-dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (#CPEC). While #Gwadar is portrayed as a beacon of development and prosperity, the stark reality is far grimmer. It has become a symbol of exploitation, despair, and suffering for its residents.

Furthermore, the organisation stated that the so-called development endeavours have “destroyed” the lives of local people and starkly exemplify the outcome of the state’s “Baloch Genocidal Policies.”

“For a decade now, purported developmental initiatives have unfolded here, yet the local populace continues to grapple with dire challenges. These apparent development endeavours have destroyed the lives of #Gwadar’s inhabitants. The recent devastating floods starkly exemplify the outcome of the state’s #BalochGenocidalPolicies, with these mega-projects serving as the principal catalysts exacerbating the flood,” it added.

In a video message shared along with the social media post, prominent Baloch leader Maharan Baloch said that billions worth of infrastructure is the reason for people’s sufferings.

“This is the so-called developed city of Pakistan, where the general public is harassed in the name of so-called development. This infrastructure which cost billions, is now the reason, for people’s suffering in floods. And because of these mega projects, we today witness major climate changes due to which the lives of people who have lived on this land for hundreds of years are now in danger,” Baloch said.

She further said that thousands of people have lost their homes and livelihoods and are suffering due to a shortage of food, clothes or any other necessary items.

“Instead of repairing what has been damaged already, they are exposing us to even more danger. We saw a lot of houses that were still submerged in water. If you look at the city, you may see the people helping each other willingly, but you will not see any of the authorities trying to help,” Baloch said.

She urged people to help the flood victims while slamming the authorities for not assisting them.

“We urge the people to support and help us as the people today here are living a shelter-less life. We ask people to reach out here and volunteer to help the ones in need. Additionally, we invite all the doctors and nurses of Balochistan to help us with treatment and help of these people,” Baloch said.

She added, “How long will you take to help us, the entire city has drowned and the people are now homeless. Is this the multibillion-dollar project that you had developed? No this city is destroyed because of your huge projects. You are the ones who have brought the people to live on roads, again.” (ANI)

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