Biden to visit Baltimore bridge collapse site


President Biden pledged to visit Baltimore, asserting his intention to do so alongside Maryland Governor Wes Moore….reports Asian Lite News

President Joe Biden is set to visit Baltimore this Friday to survey the aftermath of the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse, as announced by the White House on Monday, The Hill reported.

“We are with you Baltimore, and we will be there to get this done,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said while making the announcement.

President Biden pledged to visit Baltimore, asserting his intention to do so alongside Maryland Governor Wes Moore. Following the early Tuesday morning collapse, Biden expressed his determination to arrive at the scene “as quickly as he can.”

Jean-Pierre emphasised Biden’s steadfast leadership in coordinating a comprehensive government response to the tragedy. She highlighted the collaborative efforts between Biden and Governor Moore aimed at reopening the affected port and initiating bridge reconstruction.

The collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, situated on Interstate 695, occurred when the cargo ship Dali struck it around 1:30 am Tuesday, en route to Sri Lanka, according to The Hill.

In a firm commitment to aid in the reconstruction efforts, President Biden assured that the federal government would cover the costs. However, this stance faced opposition from conservative spending advocates. Notwithstanding, the Department of Transportation has allocated USD 16 million as an initial contribution, labeled by Jean-Pierre as a “down payment.”

She affirmed the administration’s ongoing dialogue with Congress regarding further assistance, emphasising President Biden’s determination to facilitate the swift restoration of the bridge.

Acting Labour Secretary Julie Su convened in Baltimore on Monday for discussions with stakeholders, further underscoring the government’s commitment to support the affected community. Additionally, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg visited Baltimore on the day of the collapse.

Despite the absence of a definitive timeline for the reopening of the Port of Baltimore, officials have cautioned that the bridge reconstruction process will require “some time” to complete, The Hill reported. (ANI)

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