ERC facilitates joyous Eid celebration for Syrian Refugees


Al Harmoudi detailed the team’s participation in Eid Al Fitr prayers alongside the refugees…reports Asian Lite News

The Emirates Red Crescent (ERC) team at Emirati-Jordanian camp for Syrian refugees in Mrajeeb Al Fhood has successfully facilitated a joyous Eid Al Fitr celebration for Syrian refugees residing there.

Underscoring the ERC’s unwavering commitment to child welfare, the Deputy Director of the relief team, Yousof Al Harmoudi, emphasised their mission to provide a comprehensive well-being experience for camp residents, particularly children, mirroring that of those outside the camps.

“The ERC team at Mrajeeb Al Fhood is dedicated to fulfilling all essential needs of the refugees,” said Al Harmoudi. “This encompasses providing food, clothing, medical supplies, shelter, and additional crucial support. Recognising the significance of entertainment in fostering child development, we prioritise addressing the emotional well-being of all refugees, especially the younger population.”

Al Harmoudi further detailed the team’s participation in Eid Al Fitr prayers alongside the refugees, followed by customary celebratory greetings and the distribution of Eid gifts, specifically designated for children and orphans.

To further enrich the festive atmosphere, the camp administration partnered with a local company to organise a series of engaging events. These events included cultural competitions, artistic performances showcasing the rich tapestry of Emirati, Jordanian, and Syrian folklore, face painting, henna artistry, and appearances by popular cartoon characters.

The Eid festivities, held across various locations within the camp, witnessed a significant turnout from residents, fostering a spirit of unity and celebration.

It is noteworthy that the ERC remains a critical source of support, ensuring the overall well-being of over 6,000 Syrian refugees residing in the camp.

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