India Issues Advisory For Its Nationals In Israel 


The advisory comes after a man from Kerala working in a plantation in Israel was killed and two other Indian citizens were injured in northern Israel following a terror strike by Hezbollah….reports Asian Lite News

India on Tuesday issued an advisory for its nationals living in the border areas of Israel to relocate to safer areas within the country due to prevailing situations.

“In view of the prevailing security situation and local safety advisories, all Indians nationals in Israel, especially those working in or visiting border areas in the north and south, are advised to relocate to safe areas within Israel. The Embassy remains in touch with the Israeli authorities to ensure the safety of all our nationals,” Indian embassy in Israel said in an official statement.

The advisory comes after a man from Kerala working in a plantation in Israel was killed and two other Indian citizens were injured in northern Israel following a terror strike by Hezbollah on Monday.

Additionally, Indian authorities have also issued a emergency helpline number (+972-35226748) and an email address ( for clarification and guidance in security related issues.

Moreover, Israeli envoy to India Naor Gilon today said that he has spoken with the relatives of deceased Indian and reassured his country’s support.

“I spoke earlier to the brother of the deceased Indian farm worker who was killed yesterday in Northern Israel. I offered my heartfelt condolences to him and the family and reassured that Israel will be by their side for anything and everything,” Naor Gilon posted on social media platform X.

Earlier today, the Israeli embassy in India confirmed that one Indian national was killed and two more Indians were injured in the terror attack by Hezbollah along the border with Lebanon in Northern Israel yesterday.

As per information, the deceased has been identified as 31-year-old Nibin Maxwell, son of Pathrose Maxwell, from Kollam district in Kerala. Reports have also confirmed that the other two injured are also from Kerala.

Nibin Maxwell had arrived in Israel two months ago and was working in a farm there.

In its statement, the Israeli embassy said, “We are deeply shocked and saddened by the death of one Indian national and the injury of two others due to a cowardly terror attack launched by Shia terror organization Hezbollah, on peaceful agriculture workers who were cultivating an orchard at the northern village of Margaliot yesterday early afternoon. Our prayers and thoughts naturally go to the families of the bereaved and those of the injured.”

“Israeli medical institutions are completely at the service of the injured who are being treated by our very best medical staff. Israel regards equally all nationals, Israeli or foreign, who are injured or killed due to terrorism. We will be there to support the families and offer them assistance. Our countries, who are sadly well versed in civilian loss, stand united in hopes of a speedy recovery for the injured and solace for the family of the bereaved,” the Israeli embassy in India said.

Meanwhile, the Times of Israel reported that Hezbollah fired a barrage of rockets at northern Israel on Monday night, resulting in damage that knocked out power in several towns, as the military struck targets in Lebanon following a deadly cross-border attack by the terror group earlier in the day.

According to the Israel Defence Forces, at least 10 rockets were fired from Lebanon at the Western Galilee. Some of the projectiles were intercepted by the Iron Dome air defence system.

Fighting also continues in Gaza with the Israeli Defence forces claiming that they eliminated Islamic Jihad terrorists who fired rockets toward Kibbutz Be’eri and Kibbutz Hatzerim. Fifteen terrorists were eliminated using sniper, tank and aerial fire. IDF forces also struck terrorist targets and eliminated terrorists operating from within civilian areas in Western Khan Yunis. (ANI)

India’s External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar speaks at a news conference in New York on Saturday, September 24, 2022. (Photo: Arul Louis/IANS)

‘Indian Leaving Shores of Country Goes With Confidence’

Highlighting India’s unprecedented reputation at the international level, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said on Tuesday that the people leaving India to explore global work opportunities now have confidence in the present government that the regime would take care of them even when they are abroad.

“You can see, today, an Indian leaving the shores of India, does so with a confidence which they didn’t have before. They have the confidence that whatever happens out there, there is a government that will look after them. That’s a very big feeling because when we look at the state of the world, more and more Indians will explore global work opportunities,” EAM said.

Minister also underscored the significant contribution of Indian diaspora for strengthening New Delhi relations with other countries and said that the country is in the right path and doing right thing.

“There will be students going abroad. There will be people, you know, blue collar workers. There will be professionals. There will be, you know, people whose talents will be sought by companies across the world. So we have to give them that confidence. And we have shown in 10 years today,” he said.

“But those who live abroad also know, you know, that there are, that in many ways your hearts and minds are, a large part of it is always in India. So I know, you know, that all of you in different ways, contribute to the progress of our country. What is happening at home, the choices we make, the progress we make is very much in your minds. So I want today to both appreciate you as well as share with you that sense of confidence. I think that we are today on the right path, with the right leadership, doing the right thing, going up in the world,” he added.

Earlier, in his address at the Korea National Diplomatic Academy on ‘Broadening horizons: India-Korea Partnership in the Indo-Pacific’, Jaishankar stressed that it is time for two nations to introspect and strategise how the two countries could be doing more by making efforts differently.

EAM who is on a visit to South Korea said that ties between India and South Korea has expanded in different sectors and the benefits are visible to both nations. He said that India’s partnership with South Korea is acquiring “great salience” in a “more uncertain and volatile world.” (ANI)

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