Michigan GOP Grapples with Leadership Crisis


Eight of the state party’s 13 congressional district chairs, including state GOP co-chair Melinda Pego, are endorsing the vote to remove Karamo, and signed a letter to that effect…reports Asian Lite News

The Republican Party in Michigan is virtually “imploding” as the GOP there faces fierce in-fighting with a section threatening to convene a meeting to remove the embattled Chairperson Kristina Karamo from her post in less than a year since her election.

A group of Michigan Republicans are planning a Saturday meeting to discuss removing the embattled Michigan GOP Chairperson Karamo from her post, less than a year from when she was elated to the role, media reports said.

Karamo, a staunch supporter of former US President Donald Trump and 2020 election conspiracy theorist, has been accused of not moving forward during a critical time heading into the 2024 elections, as well as failing to liquidate the reported $500,000 debt the Michigan GOP is in. Karamo has accused the meeting of not being called in accordance with the party bylaws, and has indicated she will not recognize the results of any votes, Newsweek reported.

The Michigan Republican Party’s state committee are reported to be holding a special meeting on January 6 to discuss an end to the internal fighting that has dogged the GOP in Michigan in recent months. The infighting has already cost the Republican dearly in the November 2022 midterms when Democrats bounced back in the legislature, and if it continued unabated, it could cost Trump votes in a state that’s turned into a swing state with a large number of independents set to vote against the former President.

At least 75 per cent of the state committee, which has just over 100 members, would need to back a motion to remove Karamo as chair, although this could be reduced to a two-thirds threshold if such a move was supported in a separate agenda in a two-thirds vote, reports said.

Eight of the state party’s 13 congressional district chairs, including state GOP co-chair Melinda Pego, are endorsing the vote to remove Karamo, and signed a letter to that effect.

“You were chosen as chairwoman because the majority of the Republican delegates strongly respected your commitment to a new era of transparency, honesty and meaningful involvement on the part of the State Committee. Regrettably, these policies no longer seem to be a priority in your administration and the Party’s financial stability is quickly deteriorating,” the letter said.

Karamo told Newsweek in reaction to her possible removal: “I find it interesting that there are reports of a meeting to remove me, without individuals first verifying that the party is in fact an actual Michigan Republican Party State Committee meeting.”

“Our bylaws are very clear about the proper procedures to change party bylaws, call meetings, and remove committee members. These individuals have not followed the MIGOP bylaws to call a meeting, change bylaws, or remove any member; they have zero legal authority to conduct business regarding the Michigan Republican Party or its State Committee.”

Political observers said that infighting in the Michigan GOP arrives amid a crucial period for the party ahead of the House, Senate and presidential elections this November.

The GOP performed poorly in Michigan’s Legislature during the November 2022 midterms, with the Democrats taking control of all levels of the state’s government for the first time in nearly 40 years. The Democrats however lost their two-seat majority in the November 2023 elections after two Democratic state representatives, Lori Stone and Kevin Coleman, won their mayoral races. The House is currently tied at 54-54.

The GOP will now be hoping to regain control of the Michigan House, as well as the House of Representatives and the open US Senate seat in Michigan in 2024, as they seek to regain control of the upper chamber.

Michigan is also a key swing state in the presidential election, where Trump, the presumptive Republican 2024 nominee, won in 2016 before President Joe Biden flipped the state in 2020.

Bree Moeggenberg, a Michigan GOP state committee member who has helped organize the meeting where discussions to remove Karamo will take place, said the infighting within the party might be putting voters off. “We are currently in a position where we are pushing Republicans away from the party,” Moeggenberg told the news media.

“When the chairperson of the Michigan Republican Party tells those that don’t agree with her that they can go pound sand, the party’s losing voters,” Moggenberg said.

Michigan Republican Party delegates elected Karamo chairwoman last February after she unsuccessfully ran for secretary of state in 2022.

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