MQM Founder Blasts Military’s Political Role


MQM founder said that the people of Pakistan cannot get real freedom until they get freedom from the slavery of the corrupt army generals and feudal lords….reports Asian Lite News

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) founder Altaf Hussain has said that he does not want to see the end of the Pakistan army as every nation needs an army. However, MQM opposes the military’s interference in Pakistan’s political, economic and administrative matters and wants to see their involvement in the country’s defence only, he added.

In his address at the All Pakistan Muttahida Students Organization’s (APMSO) 46th Foundation Day under the auspices of the UK chapter of MQM in London on Monday, Hussain called it “very unfortunate” that all those who sacrificed for Pakistan were named guilty, traitors and punishable, according to MQM’s press release.

He stated that “Muslims of the subcontinent were used in the name of religion and the Muslims and Hindus who had been living together for centuries, were divided among themselves in the name of religion and called it the reason why the people did not get freedom even after the formation of Pakistan and they are still slaves of British agents, generals, and feudal lords who have been ruling Pakistan for 76 years and protecting the interests of their “British Masters”

Hundreds of people of different nationalities, including MQM office bearers and workers, participated in the meeting. Representatives of various political and social organizations also attended the gathering, according to MQM’s press release.

During his address, the MQM founder said that the people of Pakistan cannot get real freedom until they get freedom from the slavery of the corrupt army generals and feudal lords. He said that British agents in Pakistan divided the people of Pakistan into ethnic entities, per the MQM’s press release.

General Asim Munir Chief of Army Staff Pakistan

He noted that those who migrated from East Punjab were resettled. However, they were not recognized and accommodated in Sindh and were forced to leave their language and become Sindhis. Altaf Hussain stated that they had formed an organisation for the rights of “mohajirs.”

He accused Pakistan’s military and ISI of forming armed groups called ‘Pakhtun Loya Jirga’ and ‘Punjabi Pakhtun Ittihad (PPI)’ against “Mohajirs” by providing them weapons to attack the Mohajirs settlements and create riots so that it could be propagated that MQM is against Punjabis and Pakhtuns.

Altaf Hussain said that his crime is that he raised his voice against the Pakistani army’s interference in policy and the same issue is now highlighted by the whole of Pakistan and former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan. While expressing his opposition to Operation Azm-e-Istehkam, he said that Pakistan would become more unstable with this operation.

Upon his arrival at the event, children and girls welcomed Altaf Hussain by waving MQM’s flags in their hands outside the hall. The audience gave a warm welcome to Altaf Hussain by chanting slogans and applauding when he entered the event hall, according to MQM’s press release.

On this occasion, the participants sang the organizational anthem of MQM and supported the anthem in the echo of slogans and applause and later, he addressed the participants of the gathering and met the guests of the event. (ANI)

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