Ramadan Delight with Lulu


Lulu Group Announces Ramadan Initiatives for 2024. The retail giant reiterates their Ccommitment to price stability, discounts, and community engagement…reports Asian Lite News

 Lulu Group, the leading retail chain in the UAE, announced its comprehensive Ramadan initiatives for 2024, aimed at ensuring price stability, offering enticing promotions, and fostering community engagement during the holy month.

In response to global challenges such as inflation and shipping concerns, Lulu Group has established sourcing centers worldwide to guarantee an uninterrupted supply of essential food products, particularly those relevant to Ramadan. The key focus is on preventing price rises by instructing suppliers and vendors not to increase prices during Ramadan, ensuring affordability for all shoppers.

Up to 60% discount on a range of essential food and grocery products during Ramadan across all LuLu stores in the UAE. Regular weekly promotions and offers will be available across all categories, including food & non-food, which will be published through social media and special promo catalogues. More than 5,000 products will be offered at special prices throughout the Ramadan season, covering categories such as food, groceries, dinnerware, fresh produce, home appliances, electronics, lifestyle products, and furnishings.

To enhance affordability, Lulu Group introduces two sizes of ‘Ramadan Kits’ priced at AED 85 and AED 120, respectively. These kits include rice, sugar, milk powder, instant food, jelly, custard mixes, fruit cordials, pasta, grains, oil, and other essential groceries, providing convenience and value for shoppers during the holy month.

In addition to discounts and promotions, Lulu’s Ramadan campaign includes a ‘sharing is caring’ donation drive, now in its 12th year. Partnering with leading brands in association with Dubai Cares, Lulu will donate Dh1 for every product sold during the month of Ramadan across all LuLu stores.

Lulu is also partnering with the Emirates Red Crescent to donate Ramadan kits and Iftar boxes to people in need.

LuLu Group introduces Shopping Gift Cards exclusively meant for charity purposes, available in denominations of AED 25 and AED 50. These cards can be purchased and gifted to the less privileged segments of society, allowing individuals to contribute to charitable causes during Ramadan.

Throughout Ramadan, a series of targeted promotions to enhance the shopping experience for shoppers. These promotions include:

1. DATES FESTIVAL – Features the most sought-after dates from around the world.

2. FRUITFUL DEALS – Incredible offers on fresh fruits and vegetables.

3. HEALTHY RAMADAN – Promotes gluten-free, vegan, and organic products.

4. MEAT MARKET – Full range of meats, poultry & seafood.

5. SWEET TREATS – Wide variety of traditional Arabic sweets and desserts.

6. IFTAAR BOXES – Affordable and convenient food boxes.

7. RAMADAN HOME – Wide selection of kitchen and home appliances.

8. BIG TV MAJLIS – Exclusive discounts on large-screen TVs, and home theater systems.

9. IFTAR SPECIALS: Features Indian & Arabic snacks.

10. RAMADAN SUPER NUTS: Special discounts on premium nuts.

11. RAMADAN FISH FIESTA: Exclusive offers on a wide selection of fresh seafood.

12. EID SALE – Discounts on Clothing & Lifestyle products.

As part of the Ramadan experience, Lulu will host “Ramadan Nights” in selected hypermarkets, providing families and friends with an opportunity to come together, shop, dine, and enjoy cultural experiences, fostering a sense of community and celebration.

 The Ramadan initiatives by Lulu Group reflect its commitment to serving shoppers, supporting communities, and spreading the spirit of generosity and unity during the holy month.

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