Spain recalls envoy to Argentina over ‘insult’


Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albares emphasised the expectation for an apology from Milei…reports Asian Lite News

Spain took a significant diplomatic step on Sunday by recalling its ambassador to Buenos Aires for consultations following derogatory comments made by Argentina’s President Javier Milei about Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s wife during a far-right rally in Madrid, media reported.

Milei’s remarks, branding Sanchez’s wife, Begona Gomez, as “corrupt” during a rally organised by the far-right Vox party, drew strong condemnation from Spanish officials, Reuters reported.

Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albares emphasised the expectation for an apology from Milei, deeming his behaviour as severely damaging to the relationship between Spain and Argentina.

“It is unacceptable that a sitting president visiting Spain should insult Spain and the Spanish prime minister, a fact that breaks with all diplomatic customs and the most elementary rules of coexistence between countries,” Jose Manuel Albares said.

Despite calls for reconciliation, Milei’s spokesperson stated that he would not apologize. Instead, Milei urged Spanish officials to retract insults directed at him.

His visit to Spain, which included skipping meetings with Spain’s King Felipe and Prime Minister Sanchez, violated diplomatic protocol, as he prioritized promoting his book alongside Vox leader Santiago Abascal at the party rally.

The European Union’s foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, denounced attacks on family members of political leaders, stating they have no place in our culture.

In Spain, the conservative People’s Party (PP) refrained from supporting Madrid’s stance, criticizing Sanchez’s silence on alleged corruption surrounding his wife. A city court had been examining accusations against Begona Gomez for influence peddling and business corruption, though Madrid’s prosecuting authority sought to dismiss the case due to insufficient evidence.

Sanchez’s decision to remain in office following the probe against his wife further fueled political tensions. The PP expressed internal doubts and international distrust, focusing on opposing the Spanish government rather than aligning with Milei’s remarks.

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