Tensions spike as Chinese aircraft, vessels intrude near Taiwan’s territory


A total of 9 Chinese PLA aircraft and 7 PLAN vessels were detected in the vicinity of Taiwan….reports Asian Lite News

In a concerning escalation of regional tensions, Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defence reported on Sunday morning a significant presence of China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) aircraft and People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) vessels operating in close proximity to its territory.

According to Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defence, as of 6 am today, a total of 9 Chinese PLA aircraft and 7 PLAN vessels were detected in the vicinity of Taiwan. Of particular alarm was the breach of airspace, with 5 PLA aircraft crossing the median line of the Taiwan Strait, encroaching into Taiwan’s northern and southwestern Air Defence Identification Zones (ADIZ).

In response to these provocative manoeuvers, Taiwan’s ROC Armed Forces have been actively monitoring the situation, swiftly deploying measures to address the unfolding scenario and upholding national security protocols.

The intrusion of PLA assets into Taiwan’s airspace underscores the heightened tensions in the region, as Taiwan continues to grapple with increasing military activities from mainland China. This latest incident further underscores Taiwan’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding its territorial integrity and sovereignty amidst escalating provocations.

Chinese drone threat

The Taiwan Army’s Kinmen Defence Command said on Saturday that it will take countermeasures in accordance with drone regulations after a Chinese TikTok video claimed that drones would be flown to Kinmen to drop propaganda leaflets.

The decision comes after two unidentified persons said they would deliver leaflets near the Mashan observation post on Kinmen to “send warmth to the Taiwanese troops”, Taiwan News reported, citing Kinmen Defence Command press release.

After reviewing the video, the Taiwanese military said that no drones flew near the camp area. The Kinmen Defense Command said some Chinese individuals with unclear motives did not consider the effect of fueling resentment among the Taiwanese and frayed cross-strait relations.

The command said that these people intend to gain the attention of the media and increase social media traffic or popularity, adding that their behaviour and mindset are not to be condoned.

According to the Command statement, the Taiwan military closely monitors enemy threats and does not give in to the “frivolous actions of Chinese netizens.” It further said that camouflaging weapons, equipment and facilities on Kinmen has been completed.

The incident comes at a time when Kinmen is set to play an important part in Han Kuang 40 military exercises set to take place in July, according to Chief of the General Staff Admiral Mei Chia-shu. Mei said geographic circumstance of Kinmen implies that forces posted on the island must cooperate closely.

On May 29, Taiwan’s Coast Guard on Wednesday expelled two Chinese military vessels that entered waters off Taiwan-controlled Kinmen Islands, the Central News Agency (CNA) reported, citing Taiwan’s Coast Guard Administration (CGA). (ANI)

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