Zelensky hosts iftar, praises Muslim warriors


The president expressed gratitude to Ukrainian Muslim servicemen fighting for Ukraine…reports Asian Lite News

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Monday hosted an iftar attended by servicemen and Muslim community representatives.

Zelensky, along with the Ukrainian military, hosted leaders of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people, and representatives of the Muslim community and clergy, a statement on the president’s official website said.

The event was held on the territory of the Religious Administration of Muslims of Crimea.

This is the second time the president of Ukraine has held an iftar during the Muslim month of Ramadan after hosting a similar gathering in 2023.

“Last year we initiated a new tradition — to celebrate the holy Ramadan together … I am very glad that we are here today in the same composition. Unity is always important, especially when life is overshadowed by war and the strikes of evil,” Zelensky said.

The president expressed gratitude to Ukrainian Muslim servicemen fighting for Ukraine.

“I would like to recognize Muslim warriors — all those who are part of the defense and security forces of Ukraine defending our country, our freedom. I thank each of our warriors for their bravery. I thank everyone who brings the liberation of our entire land and our Crimea closer,” he said.

The iftar featured recitations of prayers and exhibitions showcasing historical Qurans published in Crimea. The president also saw portraits of Muslim soldiers and heard the stories of their families, emphasizing their contributions to Ukraine’s defense.

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