‘The Parents I Met’ By Mansi Zaveri: An Anthology of Conversations With Parents of Successful Individuals


Featuring interviews conducted by Mansi Zaveri, the founder of the award-winning parenting platform Kidsstoppress.com, The Parents I Met is an anthology of her authentic conversations with parents of successful individuals who made it big against all odds. What was it that they did right while raising their kids to create the person their child is today? A feature by columnist Riccha Grrover for Asian Lite International

Mansi wants parents find their voice through these stories. “It is important to read stories of people you don’t know as their journeys are inspiring and interesting too. As parents to Gen Z and Gen Alpha, it will take a lot for us to unlearn that education is no longer the game changer and our kids will choose paths that may not be built on the foundations of a formal education system. They will learn differently and they will embrace learning styles that are best suited for them. Their role models will also evolve and it may not be someone brilliant in one field like academics, sports, Bollywood or politics like it’s always been. 

“This book gave me a new perspective on parenting, and on the way we should listen to our kids”, said author Mansi Zaveri. Through the collection of stories, “The Parents I Met” unveils invaluable insights, guidance, and validation for every parent navigating the complexities of raising children in today’s world. 

“The Parents I Met,” published by Penguin Random House, is available on online portals and bookstores for readers to explore the captivating stories of successful individuals and the parenting journeys that shaped them. 

“I always believe that we are all products of our childhood and our self-portrait, as we present it to the world, is a polished and curated version of who we want to be, but our parents are the only people who ever get to see the real us. They understand us more intimately than we know ourselves. They have known us even before we knew ourselves. And as a mom of 2, my experience has taught me that parenting is different, yet the same for everyone. So, I set out on a journey to learn what it takes to raise an outlier from the parents who raised successful outliers. Every single story is different, just like yours and just like mine. This book is not going to give you rules or any tips but it will surely give you lessons, stories and experiences that will bring a small impact in the way you see parenting and the way you see your kids”, stated Mansi as she signed off. 

About Mansi Zaveri:

Mansi Zaveri is the founder and CEO of India’s most trusted discovery platform for parenting and childcare, Kidsstoppress.com, which boasts a digital reach of 20 million people per month. She was also featured in Exchange4Media’s Content 40 Under 40 list in 2020. In June 2013, this mom of two decided to combine her passion for digital medium and her parenting journey to become an entrepreneur, leaving behind her corporate life to empower parents to make informed choices. 

Mansi is a certified Conscious Parenting Coach and works with families, educators and stakeholders to build healthier and happier families. Her first book The Parents I Met, published by Penguin Random House continues to top the charts on Amazon for Families and Relationships & True Accounts. She has successfully filled a void in the Parenting section across bookstores with her latest book. 

She hosts 2 podcasts one for kids and the other for families that continue to rank among the top 30 podcasts in the Kids & Family category on Apple and Spotify with over 20 million + listens. Mansi is the voice of the New Age Indian parents and has emerged as one of the most popular influencers in the parenting and baby care space. With a whole lot of passion and hard work, she has built Kidsstoppress.com into an enormously successful brand that today hosts online courses for parents, kids and women entrepreneurs. Her first book, 50 Indian Meal Plans, ranked no. 1 on Amazon in Food and Encyclopaedias in 2020. The Kids Stop Press (KSP) Awards, which celebrates excellence in parenting and baby care, is her brainchild. 

A yoga student and sustainable living advocate, Mansi lives in Mumbai with her two daughters, husband and family.

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