Pavan Malhotra: Fear of failure never stopped me


Looking at his body of work it is quite evident that he had to wait in between films like ‘Black Friday’ (2004) and ‘Delhi 6’ (2006) or a ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’ (2013) and ‘Children of War’ (2014)…reports Asian Lite News.

National Award-winning actor Pavan Malhotra, known for delivering some fine performances in ‘Bagh Bahadur’, ‘Salim Langde Pe Mat Ro’, ‘Black Friday’, to recently released ‘Grahan’ and ‘Tabbar’, says for him, the only way to grow as an artiste is to experiment constantly and failure is a part of the journey.

The actor adds he does not have fear of failure because it is his right to fail and learn lessons from it.

In conversation the actor decodes his motto behind all the choices he made in his acting career so far.

Pavan told: “It is quite easy to simplify everything by saying ‘follow your gut’ while choosing a script but is it really that simple? I do not think so…but it is all about how you are approaching your work. I, every day when waking up, even after all these years, feel like a newcomer because I never found my comfort zone as an actor. Rather did not look for my comfort zone, because I always wanted to experiment as a performer. Yes, so far, whatever I have done, mostly I have got appreciation but every experiment is a risk. I know I could fail but the fear of failure never stopped me; failure is a right of every artiste.”

He further added, “So, whatever I have achieved is a combination of the right opportunity, my hard work and the blessings of God. No one wants to do bad work but for a profession like acting, luck also matters. That comes from the higher power.”

Born in Delhi on July 2, 1958, Pavan always wanted to become an actor and that is why he started his journey with theatre.

While his film debut was quite unusual with ‘Ab Ayega Mazaa’ in 1984 followed by his breakthrough with ‘Bagh Bahadur’ and ‘Salim Langde Pe Mat Ro’ in 1989 he shared why as a child he thought he would never make it on screen and stage would be his permanent nest.

“When I was a child, I would watch mainstream Hindi films in which all the heroes were good looking and their acting was more to do with their personality and mannerisms. I stood in front of the mirror as a teenager and told myself, ‘Na beta, tumhare paas na look hai na woh charisma…tum se na ho payega film’. But I love acting so I studied theatre and was happy doing theatre. I realised that no one can mimic my acting style and unless a comedian mimics your voice and mannerisms, you are not a star. Eventually, I gathered the courage to come to Mumbai and started working. When people here also appreciated my work, I thought ‘ok, I am not that bad’,” said Pavan.

Looking at his body of work it is quite evident that he had to wait in between films like ‘Black Friday’ (2004) and ‘Delhi 6’ (2006) or a ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’ (2013) and ‘Children of War’ (2014).

Asked about how he survived those days and the actor said, “Look I am not someone who would elaborately talk about my struggle when for several months I had no work or even the time when I said ‘no’ to a project knowing I am letting go a good amount of money when I had no work.

If I opt for satisfaction and quality work I knew I had to face those dark days but no one forced me to become an actor, I chose to become one. So I will never open up with my sob story…no! It is understandable that in between if a film is not released, meaning, I am waiting…but that is also teaching me patience.”

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