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Leave no stone, or drawer in this case, unturned. Organize your food staples too! Apart from waste minimization, your staples can be maintained in a unit that sustains their shelf life…writes N. Lothungbeni Humtsoe.

One of the many feats of the home becoming everyone’s epicentre is that the kitchen has more people in it than usual. Ultimately, the onus is on you to become a Masterchef and whip out dishes, do the cleaning, etc. Whether it is for the kids who are foraging for a tasty snack or your partner asking for a steaming hot cup of chai at any given point of the day!

In addition one has to ensure that everything is in order and in its place. It is essential for you to be able to make the most of your kitchen space since during the past year in lockdown, the kitchen has become multifunctional.

Starting off might seem like a Herculean task, but the trick is to make an inventory based on different sections of the kitchen and place yourself where it all begins — the counter. Bear in mind the following questions while sorting all stations of the kitchen: Do you really need it? Do you really use it? How often do you use it? Do you still want it? Can you give it to someone else? The idea is to not hoard and maximize space while keeping only what is needed. Fanny Jeanne Jozef Leyten — Interior Design Manager, IKEA India, presents a few handy gadgets to help you get on your way:

Countertops: You can start by emptying all visible things from your counter as it will most likely have too many things on it, which can lead to reduced space and also makes it difficult to clear things up. Search for what you really need on the countertop and keep everything else stacked using the RINNIG utensil rack. Remember to keep things minimal. If it isn’t frequently used, keep it stored away.

* Rails: It’s not only about what’s inside the kitchen cabinets but also what you display from the exterior. Open storage solutions such as KUNGSFORS help store and organize your utensils and crockery after cleaning.

With this tip, you won’t have to fret anymore over what might fall out and induce a mini heart attack. Time to get organized. When it comes to cabinets, you must make an inventory of what you want to keep up front and what can be hidden. Let’s say it’s kitchen utensils, frying pan, crockery. Where are they? Is it close to the sink? Because you would need it there. Maximize your space inside the cabinets by supplementing them with small trays like VAEIRA to utilize optimal space. That way you don’t need extra shelves inside the cabinet.

Drawers: Drawer dividers like MAXIMERA are your best friend to help in storing your utensils or spices in a better way. You can maximize on space and it helps you in time, unlike in a situation when you have an over-cluttered drawer. The same can be applied to your cutlery. Define and accentuate the space with bamboo/plastic dividers.

Food storage: Leave no stone, or drawer in this case, unturned. Organize your food staples too! Apart from waste minimization, your staples can be maintained in a unit that sustains their shelf life. This also ensures that you don’t overspend on food that would otherwise expire sooner rather than later. See-through the IKEA 365+ sustainable range for storage solutions for food and staples. These will help you immediately gauge what is what and wherein the cabinet.

Tables & trolleys: The dining table has evolved into a multifunctional space. Munching down on a meal is no longer its sole application because, in the past year in lockdown, people have taken to using it for office work or keeping a close eye on children doing their homework while they are preparing for lunch/dinner. Now in order to achieve an easy declutter, it would be wise to have an RASKOG trolley next to the dining table for easy cleaning up. So once you are done with the task at hand, you can maintain the space for its next intent.

Stools: Step stools are a great aid for when you need to reach high cabinets, and stackable ones help to minimize the space in the area, so it’s always good to have a GRUBBAN in a corner for ad hoc usage.

Trash cans: With all the litter that gets collected in a day in the kitchen, the disposal happens only the next day. To avoid a striking stench in your kitchen, consider VARIERA waste bin which is perforated to allow ventilation of the bin and reduce the stench.

With all these hacks at different kitchen stations, you must remember that the key to declutter is to be smart about the size of the kitchen you’re working with and focus on maximizing space. Decluttering your home is decluttering your mind.

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