18 congressmen back bill seeking end to ‘one-China’ policy


The bill was introduced by congressmen Tom Tiffany and Scott Perry on March 1….reports Asian Lite News

A bill introduced by the US congressmen, calling on the US to put an end to the ‘one-China’ policy and restore diplomatic relations with Taiwan has gained a total of 18 backers in Congress.

As reported by Taiwan News, the bill called for the US to abandon the ‘one-China policy,’ resume formal relations with Taiwan and begin negotiations on a US-Taiwan free trade agreement. Over the past nine months, the bill has gained 16 additional cosponsors, all of whom are Republicans thus far.

The bill was introduced by congressmen Tom Tiffany and Scott Perry on March 1.

Tiffany’s spokesperson suggested that this shows “growing support for a change in US-Taiwan policy on Capitol Hill.” The congressman’s representative said that Tiffany has been reaching out to members directly to gain support for the resolution.

As reported by Taiwan News, Tiffany noted that all the supporters are currently Republicans but stressed that the congressman is seeking to reach out to Democrats with the hopes of making the effort bipartisan next year.

Tiffany said that it is time for the US to lead by example and “recognize Taiwan as a free and independent nation.”

The US does not need a ‘permission slip from China’ to engage in normal relations with “our friends and allies, the congressman added.

The ‘one-China policy’ is a policy asserting that there is only one sovereign state under the name China.

Beijing has weaponised the ‘one-China policy’ to block Taiwan’s membership and full participation in international organisations and events. (ANI)

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