India will bounce back, rise as global power: S.Korean envoy


Ties between the two countries have never been better and has only strengthened during the Covid pandemic, the envoy noted….reports Asian Lite News

India will bounce back after the major devastation it suffered during the second wave of the Covid-pandemic and the crisis cannot deter the “rise of the great country as a global super power,” Shin Bong-Kil, the South Korean envoy to India said on Wednesday.

In an exclusive interview, Bong-Kil said: “It is a great opportunity for me to serve in this great country, which is rising as a world super power and even at this moment, with second COVID-19 wave, India actually suffered a lot but I firmly believe that the crisis cannot deter the rise of India as a great country.”

Ties between the two countries have never been better and has only strengthened during the Covid pandemic, the envoy noted.

“Korea and India’s relations have never been better, even though the whole world suffered during the COVID situation but until now, the relationship between Korea and India and also a special relationship between my President and Prime Minister Modi has never been better in the history of Korea. This time is the best,” he added.

He also recalled the time when South Korea sent essential medical equipment to aid India against the devastating second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The South Korean ambassador said that he has met the heads of pharmaceutical companies, including Hyderabad-based Covid vaccine manufacturer Bharat Biotech, who have shown willingness to strengthen the cooperative relationship with Korean companies.

Speaking on vaccines, he said that only India has the capability of developing the entire process of production of COVID-19 vaccines and that many other countries do not have the technology or the resources.

The Ambassador also said that Indians fully vaccinated with the Covishield vaccine will be able to freely enter South Korea, which is set to withdraw the mandatory two-week quarantine guidelines from July 1.

However, he said those inoculated with Covaxin will have to remain in quarantine for two weeks.

“The South Korean government has decided to withdraw the mandatory two-week quarantine if individuals have been fully vaccinated. There is no need to serve a mandatory quarantine if the person took Covishield, but those vaccinated for Covaxin are required to serve a two-week quarantine,” he told ANI.

The envoy said that the rule however has exemptions and does not include high ranking officials from India.

“We have seen that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken Covaxin and if PM Modi wants to visit Korea at any point of time he can visit Korea without quarantine. High ranking officials, for example, if Chief of Army Staff India visited Korea, he does not need to be in quarantine,” he added. (ANI)

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