Russia officially pulls out of Open Skies Treaty


On June 7, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law to quit the Treaty….reports Asian lite News…reports Asian lite News

Russia has officially withdrawn from the Treaty on Open Skies, the Foreign Ministry announced in a statement.

“Decades of fruitful implementation of the treaty showed that it has served well as a tool for strengthening confidence and security, creating additional opportunities for an objective and unbiased assessment of the military potential and military activities of the participating states,” Xinhua news agency quoted the statement issued on Saturday as saying.

The Ministry mentioned that during Russia’s participation in the Treaty, the country has conducted 646 flights, and allowed for 449 flights to be carried out over its territory among the 1,580 total flights made.

“Unfortunately, all our efforts did not allow us to preserve the treaty as it was intended by its authors,” the Ministry statement said.

“The entire responsibility for the degradation of the agreement lies with the initiator of the collapse of the Treaty on Open Skies: the United States of America,” it added.

After the formal US withdrawal in November 2020, the Foreign Ministry said this January that the country had started domestic legal procedures for the official pullout from the Treaty.

On June 7, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law to quit the Treaty.

The multilateral pact, which came into effect in 2002, allows its states-parties to conduct short-notice, unarmed reconnaissance flights over the others’ territories to collect data on military forces and activities.

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