‘World is unhappy with China over its policies and attitude’


During the pandemic, when countries scrambled to prevent economies due to a massive fall, the Chinese economy was on the rise…reports Asian Lite News

A large number of people across the world are unhappy with China due to its destructive policies and unreasonable global attitude that have been hampering the world, a media report said on Sunday.

Beijing’s handling of the pandemic, human rights violation and its harassment of neighbouring countries over baseless border claims have fuelled hatred against the communist regime in people worldwide.

Pew Research Centre’s survey on China (PRC Survey) of June finds that in the 14 advanced economies of Europe, in Asia-Pacific, Canada, and the US, surveyed in 2020 and in New Zealand, Singapore and Taiwan surveyed in Spring 2021, most citizens had openly expressed unfavourable views about China, The Times of Israel reported.

The Trump administration had dragged China to the limelight of criticism as then-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had slammed severe sanctions on Beijing over its repressive policies.

Not a one-off sentiment, poll records reflect that this sort of an adverse response to China has consistently grown over the last decade. With an 81% negative outlook, Australia has seen a rise of up to 24 percentage points since last year whereas, in the UK, around 75% of survey respondents seemed to have negative views up by almost 19 points, the Times of Israel added.

In all, China’s handling of the pandemic has been significant in making people unpleasant with Beijing. The criticism of Chinese conduct at the time of the outbreak made 61% of people surveyed across the 14 nations dissatisfied with that country’s response to the situation, Fabien Baussart mentioned in The Times of Israel.

During the pandemic, when countries scrambled to prevent economies due to a massive fall, the Chinese economy was on the rise. And it gave Beijing a boost to sustain its aggressive actions against its rivals whether it’s about the South China Sea, Hong Kong, Taiwan or others. These all fulled China’s negative image worldwide.

Last year, when Australia raised its voice against China over coronavirus and called for an investigation to find China’s role in coronavirus’ origin, Canberra and Beijing’s relations strained significantly.

Since then, Bejing has been taking aggressive actions against Canberra and blocked Australian interests in world bodies to hamper the rival financially.

The Asia-Pacific region has been hit badly by Beijing’s policies as the region is afraid of being vocal about China’s human rights abuse due to its financial interests. While a majority of the population in New Zealand (80%), Australia (78%) and Japan (54%) concentrate on supporting human rights, many in South Korea and Singapore focus on boosting economic interactions, The Times of Israel said. (ANI)

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