India-Russia ties go deeper with provinces getting into play


Hoping that new contracts in different areas are in the offing, Rybas mentioned that besides oil, Russia can supply other goods and is keen on developing further opportunities…writes Ateet Sharma

The geography of partnership between Moscow and India is not just limited to New Delhi, Russian Ambassador to India Denis Alipov stated on Wednesday.

Speaking at a business forum in New Delhi, which was attended by a delegation of local administration from the Russian capital, Alipov said that Moscow has become one of the leaders in the development of interregional partnership between Russia and India in various fields.

“Reflecting the need of the times, Moscow is taking the initiative to further develop bilateral dialogue to deepen cooperation in digitalization, ICT, engineering, pharmaceuticals, construction, logistics and other areas, with a focus on high technology and innovative solutions,” the ambassador was quoted as saying by the Russian embassy.

He also noted at the event that Moscow is developing ties not only with the Indian capital, but also with other regions of India.

“It is important that the geography of partnership between Moscow and India is not limited to New Delhi, although this is an important component. The metropolis of Mumbai, the state of Kerala and other partners are also in the area of attention, as well as various business projects and programmes for developing people-to-people ties,” added Alipov.

On the sidelines of the same event, Russian Trade Commissioner in India Alexander Rybas held an interaction with mediapersons from his country, stressing the importance of developing interregional relations which are an additional source of increasing trade turnover and cooperation in the investment field.

Hoping that new contracts in different areas are in the offing, Rybas mentioned that besides oil, Russia can supply other goods and is keen on developing further opportunities.

“Of course, we have to work in various areas. You know what India’s plans are for building airfields, for building up energy capacities. India is going full steam into the future, and we must find our place in order to help India become strong and prosperous country. And, India should help us move along the path to prosperity as well,” said the Russian trade representative.

Not just Moscow, but several Russian regions continue to express their interest in expanding partnership and the scope of interaction with India.

Last week, a delegation of the Novgorod Region, completed a working visit to India under the leadership of Governor Andrei Nikitin.

It included representatives of the regional government and the mayor’s office of Veliky Novgorod – the oldest city in Russia which is also regarded as the cradle of Russian democracy – besides business and Novgorod State University (NovSU) officials.

The Novgorodians held a series of meetings with Indian colleagues in the areas of business and the development of the nuclear industry, science and education, and also visited the Kudankulam nuclear power plant under construction, with which the Novgorod corporation Splav cooperates on the supply of fittings.

Representatives of seven Novgorod enterprises also held “very productive” meetings with potential Indian partners, and NovSU formalised an intention to cooperate with the University of Kerala.

The Mayor of Veliky Novgorod, A Rozbaum and the Trivandrum Mayor Arya Rajendran agreed at a personal meeting to establish sister city ties and cultural exchanges.

“Each of the Novgorod entrepreneurs who worked with a business mission found an Indian partner for cooperation, and more than one. Upon returning to Veliky Novgorod, it is necessary to continue working with new contacts. There is also an interest from the Indian side in the training of doctors, and at our medical faculty we can contribute to this,” Nikitin emphasised.

The Governor believes that for Novgorod companies in almost all industries, the time has come for growth and development as they intend to expand cooperation between the Russian region and the Indian side.

“There are specific areas that are equally relevant and mutually beneficial for both sides. These are medicine, radio electronics, joint scientific developments, as well as the creation of joint ventures and products that we currently lack,” he said.

Novgorodians, asserted Nikitin who has been Governor of the region for the past five years, are convinced that having reliable partners in the East will prevent possible risks in the provision of equipment and technologies.

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