Supporters believe its ‘right time’ to send Priyanka to RS


But last time when the proposal was mooted, it was turned down because of certain issues as some thought there would be two power centres in the party…reports Saiyed Moziz Imam Zaidi

Amid speculations on the exit polls, a section within the Congress is of the view that Priyanka Gandhi Vadra should be sent to Parliament after her extensive campaign in Uttar Pradesh and other states to take on the Modi government in the House and outside.

The party was earlier mulling to send her to the Rajya Sabha when Ahmed Patel was alive and Chhattisgarh had two seats, but it was decided that it was not the right time in view of nepotism allegations by the BJP. Now, after Priyanka managed the hectic campaign in the state, she has emerged as a main campaigner of the party. However, if one goes by the exit polls, the results are not encouraging for her in Uttar Pradesh.

Her supporters in the party believe that this is the right time to send her to the House as the general elections are two years from now and she can take on the government.

The Rajya Sabha polls have been announced for Kerala, Punjab and other states. If the party fares well in Punjab it can send her from the state. In Kerala, the party can send one candidate and the Congress has to decide whether to give a chance to A.K. Antony again because of the age factor. There is also going to be vacancy in Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh as she can be sent to the RS from either of these two states. Bhupesh Baghel has been toying with the idea of giving the seat to Priyanaka, as sources said.

But last time when the proposal was mooted, it was turned down because of certain issues as some thought there would be two power centers in the party.

In Uttar Pradesh, she addressed 167 rallies, held 42 road shows and also did virtual rallies.

Being in-charge of the party in Uttar Pradesh, she has lots of high stakes in the state and her campaign in the 2022 Assembly elections has always been in the news. Priyanka’s hard work, her energy and positivity-filled campaigns have caught the attention of the people of the state.

Congress insiders say that her slogans have made a place in the hearts of the public, and her campaigns in heavy rain, meeting people, including women working in the fields in Barabanki have gone well with the public.

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Priyanka also campaigned in Punjab, Goa, Uttarakhand and Manipur.

Through 42 road shows and door-to-door campaigns, Priyanka interacted with the public during the election campaign and visited states including three to Punjab, two to Uttarakhand and Goa, and a virtual rally in Manipur.

Party Leaders said during the election campaign, Priyanka was constantly seen saying in her speeches that the power in a democracy lies in the hands of the people. She called upon the people to recognise the power of their vote, and vote on the issues.

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