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Leather Sandals or Chappals elicit an extremely comfortable, chilled, and relaxed attitude. They are perfect for beach vacations…reports Asian Lite News

Shoes contribute a lot to your style, not only do they elevate your look but they also say a lot about your personality. Most people are judged by the shoes they wear. There’s an old English proverb that points towards the same and holds to date. 

It is also said that shoes affect your mood. The shoes you wear can reflect your style, mood, personality, attitude, and much more. If you want to leave a strong impression, a versatile shoe collection can do the job, they add a lot of depth to your personality. You can unknowingly create a negative impression of yourself with your shoes. Hence, it is recommended to never laze around the shoe matter. 

Take things into your own hands and start building a fantastic shoe collection today. If you are extremely unaware of shoes,  Kuldeep Singh, Founder and CEO of San Frissco outlines a collection of shoes you should own and what they convey. Let’s dive in! 

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Sneakers are the most frequently worn shoes these days. They usually represent a happy, sporty, and comfortable attitude. They are best paired with casual outfits. If you want to look professional, it is better to avoid these. Sneakers are comfortable, cozy, and stylish. They convey an extremely relaxed vibe. From your friend’s birthday party to your workouts, you can wear them everywhere. You need to invest in a sneaker to complement all your styles. 

Chappals and Sandals

Leather Sandals or Chappals elicit an extremely comfortable, chilled, and relaxed attitude. They are perfect for beach vacations. Additionally, they are the most suitable for your feet during summer. Apart from a beach vacation, you can also wear them for daily activities. They are street-friendly, and even celebrities and influencers are opting for them.


One of the best additions to your shoe collection, boots are a sight to behold. They work well in both personal and professional settings. They convey a strong, professional, chic, and charismatic attitude. You can style it with denim, pants, or even dresses. You can wear a pair to the office and even parties. They convey extreme confidence as well. 


Loafers never go out of style. They can easily convey a casual and light-hearted attitude. They are perfect for get-togethers and parties that involve your near and dear ones. They are minimalist yet stylish. They can give a confident and chic vibe with chinos, denim, and even a well-fitted suit. They are extremely comfortable and you’ll feel confident in your skin. 


Heels have been a status symbol since time immemorial. Kings and Queens wore heels to denote their high status. It was also used during dances. Even today, heels represent confidence, boldness, and even a high status. Women who wear heels are deemed more attractive as well. Thus, wearing heels can convey a strong, attractive, and powerful attitude. You can pair them easily with dresses, jumpsuits, and even denim. 

Shoes can convey more than you know. You should always keep a good check on your shoes and wear the most suitable pair. You need to dress up according to the situation, surroundings, and people. Only when you can do that, you can create the desired impression with your shoes.

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