Inferno: Exquisite Food at its best


Inferno is the ideal place to unwind while savoring exquisite food and drinks that will whisk you away to a world of luxury and indulgence. A feature by FnB columnist Riccha Grrover for Asian Lite International

Suited for every palate the options for varying tastes and choices are in plenty; the cafe provides a range of food and drink concoctions, offering everything from fast paced quick snacks to lavish meals.

Masala Paneer Tikka, Afghani Malai Chicken, Mirchapur Paneer Tikka, and many more delectable dishes are available on the menu for discerning diners. Additionally, the café offers a variety of drinks including smoothies, tea, soft drinks, and mocktails.

The cafe’s charming atmosphere is the perfect setting for chilling out while enjoying some delectable food and beverages. A leisurely lunch or a brief break are both welcome at the cafe. Diners can savor some delish food while taking in the lively ambiance, making their trip to Inferno Noida memorable.

Those seeking a pleasant café experience with a dash of luxury and class should head to Noida’s Inferno café Advant Navis, Noida. Attentive service, attention to detail with respect to overall dining experience, the upbeat vibe, the chic decor, the music, the eclectic menu options, food presentation and amazing taste, it is all top notch, making a visit to inferno a memorable experience. Highly Recommended.

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