Karigari- Ek Ahsaas: A Journey Of Taste


An exclusive feature by FnB columnist Riccha Grrover for Asian Lite International

Karigari- Ek Ahsaas is an ode to Karigars of the kitchen who have created legacy brands. Karigiri is a popular culinary jaunt in Noida. This restaurant celebrates an important aspect behind any work which is “The Karigars”, the people working, in this case in the kitchen, the culinary artists.

Karigari’s lip-smacking delicacies and delectable cuisine have become the buzz of the town in a very short span.

Karigari has an extensive menu with dishes from North Indian, Mughlai, Modern Indian and a lot more. This place becomes even more attractive because of its ambience which is a perfect blend of classy, modern and elegant.

Some mouth watering dishes to try on their menu include Bhatinda Wale Aloo, Rareya Meat, Aanda Masala, Fish Tikka Masala, Paneer Margherita Tikka among many more.

The heartwarming decor never fails to entice diners to take photographs. Karigari’s interior includes various elements that illustrate the chef’s gastronomic journey around the world.

Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi is the head Karigir of this restaurant. “Each dish with a legacy and story from my kitchens, my mothers kitchen, legacy restaurants, TV shows and my travel.”

He is well known as the most entertaining & energetic Chef, is an admired face on Television as a Chef of the year 2012 honored by Golden Star Awards and was appealed twice by the Global Influencer Summit in the year of 2018 & 2019 as a Influencer Chef and one of the participants in the Jhalak Dhiklaja Season 9 Colors TV.

Karigiri is based on Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi’s journey of exploring new places, endless stories and experiences of different cultures that resonates with the experience of enjoying and spending quality time with your loved ones while relishing gourmet cuisine. The brand brings all these elements from across the country to your platter.

Karigari restaurant has an Unmatched Chic, Opulent & Inviting Ambience, attentive service, superb food taste, generous sharing size portions, it is a luxury restaurant offering up-scale, chic and lavish vibe and unparalleled customer satisfaction. It’s one of a kind restaurant dedicated to showmen in the kitchen. They honour their Karigars who create exquisite dishes using finest of ingredients.

Highly Recommended.

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