War of Lanka


The book promotion of Amish Tripathi’s latest book War of Lanka held at the Manchester Museum.. Swapna Das writes

Asian Lite in collaboration with Harper Collins successfully hosted the book promotion of Amish Tripathi’s latest book War of Lanka. The event was held on 7th June at the Manchester Museum. I attended the event with excitement and inquisitiveness and was pleasantly surprised to witness a good listening crowd.

The author’s presence on the occasion made the Indian diaspora feel proud of his literary achievements. The audience heard him speak about his journey as a writer and his other areas of work. I was interested to note the role of philosophy and religion in all his written works. Amish was generous with his wit and humour and the crowd listened to him in awe and I was one of them.

As an avid reader, I have enjoyed reading War of Lanka and was therefore interested to attend the function and meet the author in person. The enthusiastic crowd asked various questions addressed to the author, to which Amish replied with ease and conviction. When asked about his favourite Avatar, Amish obliged the young boy with a reply and said “Ram is my favourite Avatar”.

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