It’s Game Over Rishi Sunak – Why not call a General Election?


The reality after losing the by-elections in Tamworth and Mid Bedfordshire last week is grim for Rishi Sunak… writes Kishan Devani BEM, FRSA

As Sir Keir Starmer, leader of the Labour Party said recently – Rishi Sunak is “completely wrong” to say nobody wants a general election actually “What he really meant was he’s not happy to go to the electorate because he thinks he will lose.”

The reality after losing the by-elections in Tamworth and Mid Bedfordshire last week is grim for Rishi Sunak. The Conservative Party suffered crushing defeats in electoral contests for two of its safest parliamentary seats, sending an ominous signal to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak about his chances of holding onto power in the next general election. The Tories are heading for a 1997-style defeat, Rishi Sunak needs to wake up and smell the coffee, after two historic by-election losses. 

Prof John Curtice said Labour’s shock wins in Tamworth and Mid Bedfordshire meant the Tories had not seen such poor by-election results since the run-up to Tony Blair’s 1997 general election landslide. Sir John warned that without a “dramatic” turnaround, Sunak’s party is on course for a huge defeat – predicting that Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour Party could claim an even bigger win than under Tony Blair in 1997.

Labour overcame a 24,664 majority to win Mid Bedfordshire, marking the largest Conservative numerical majority overturned in the U.K. by the main opposition party since 1945.

In Tamworth, the 23.9-point swing from Conservative to Labour represented the second-largest percentage overturn of its kind since 1945 and took on what was a 66% Conservative majority in the 2019 general election.

Mr Sunak has to go to the country by January 2025 at the latest, but spring or autumn 2024 are more likely options. But why not do it now? Spare everyone the continuing incompetence, division, empty words, nonsensical policies & complete and utter disregard for the problems facing communities across our country. Do us all a favour and call a General Election – if you are so confident that you will win and the Conservatives will continue their campaign of dividing our nation – then please go ahead and call one. The electorate are now fed up of this populist, slogan led, empty and hollow government. It is this that the Conservatives and Mr Sunak obviously know and hence are not calling the General Election our country desperately needs.

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