Indian women break the gender pay barrier in Ireland


Indian women earned 45 per cent more than women Irish citizens (Euro 611.60) and about 50 per cent more than overall female median weekly earnings (Euro 592.92)….reports Asian Lite News

Indian women in Ireland have broken a major glass ceiling to emerge as the highest median weekly earners in the country.

Indian women are also the only female nationality grouping in Ireland to earn more than their male counterparts. Analysis of recently published data by the Irish Central Statistics Office shows that the median weekly earning of Indian women in 2022 was Euro 886.93 compared to Euro 670.90 in respect of all nationalities, male and female, resident in Ireland.

Indian women earned 45 per cent more than women Irish citizens (Euro 611.60) and about 50 per cent more than overall female median weekly earnings (Euro 592.92).

Indian females earned 4 per cent more than India males (Euro 852.98). With the exception of Indian nationals, median earnings for males were higher than for females across all nationality groupings.

In terms of median weekly earnings, Indian nationals ranked first in Ireland at Euro 873.38, followed by the UK nationals at Euro 710.32 (Euro 820.24 among males and Euro 582.34 for females).

Applauding the outstanding performance of Indian women in Ireland, Akhilesh Mishra, Ambassador of India to Ireland said, “It echoes the aspirational change in the people of India. The Indian diaspora in Ireland, now about 80,000 including 45,000 Indian citizens, is unique as it comprises mainly first generation, young, high-value professionals who are deeply connected with and influenced by the women-led, inclusive economic development ushered in by Prime Minister Modi.”

“What is happening in the Indian community here is a result of the paradigm change under PM Modi, shift from rhetorical pro-women slogans of the past to the comprehensive, life-cycle-based action in mission-mode for women empowerment.”

Mishra added, “PM’s personal initiatives like Swachchha Bharat, Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, Selfie with Daughter, support for women entrepreneurship and recognition of inspiring women role models in space, STEM research and other unconventional areas–all have reverberations in the Indian diaspora and have influenced the dynamics of India-Ireland people-to-people ties as well. In a significant change, women from even tier 2, 3 cities are also coming to Ireland to pursue higher education and take up cutting-edge and challenging professional responsibilities. In the past couple of years, we also see a heartening trend of Indian women-led start-ups in Ireland.”

Ambassador Mishra also paid tribute to the generosity of the Irish society which provides a women-friendly, welcoming eco-system for education, innovation and entrepreneurship. Expanding and nurturing connectivity between the vibrant innovation ecosystems of India and Ireland is the highest priority for the Embassy. (ANI)

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