Khalsa Aid India Chief Quits Amid Khalistan Funding Probe


The esteemed humanitarian organization is currently undergoing a thorough investigation, causing widespread astonishment across the nation due to these disconcerting revelations…reports Asian Lite News

In a stunning twist of events, Amarpreet Singh, the leader of Khalsa Aid in India, has resigned from his position in the midst of explosive accusations regarding foreign funding received from the banned Khalistan terror group Sikhs For Justice (SFJ).

The renowned humanitarian organization is currently facing rigorous examination, leaving the nation in a state of shock due to these unsettling disclosures.

In a dramatic twist, a letter dated October 8, purportedly issued by Khalsa Aid on social media, claimed that “organisational changes” were necessary for the “smooth running of operations.”

While the charity maintains that these changes were made in the spirit of accountability to the people, many are left wondering if there is more to this story than meets the eye.

The controversy surrounding Khalsa Aid erupted in August when the National Investigation Agency (NIA) conducted a raid on the charity’s India headquarters in Patiala.

During the raid, documents were seized, and two mobile phones owned by Amarpreet Singh were confiscated, further deepening the mystery surrounding the charity’s finances.

But the NIA’s actions didn’t stop there. They also conducted a search at Amarpreet Singh’s residence, intensifying their investigation following the attack on an Indian mission in London on March 19.

Amarpreet Singh was questioned extensively about the source of money and the details of volunteers associated with Khalsa Aid, leaving many wondering if there was a sinister connection between the charity and the shocking attack in London.

The dark cloud over Khalsa Aid thickens as it becomes apparent that the charity came under the NIA’s radar after a case was registered against the US-based terrorist organization, Sikhs For Justice (SFJ), in 2021 during the farmer agitation.

The probe agency has alleged that SFJ funneled foreign funds through NGOs like Khalsa Aid to support “pro-Khalistan elements” in their efforts to spread “propaganda against India.”

While Amarpreet Singh remains unavailable for comment, Patiala CID officials have confirmed his resignation as Khalsa Aid’s India chief.

The nation now waits with bated breath as investigations continue into the shocking allegations surrounding the charity. The charity world is in turmoil, and the fallout from these revelations is sure to be felt far and wide.

As the truth behind these allegations unfolds, one can’t help but wonder how an organization dedicated to humanitarian causes could find itself embroiled in such a sensational scandal. The nation watches closely as the story of Khalsa Aid’s alleged ties to terrorism continues to unravel.

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