Delectable Pan-Asian Restaurant: Yum Yum Cha, Noida


The Yum Yum Tree Group was started by Restaurateur Varun Tuli in 2008, which carefully blended innovative twists to create a fresh yet familiar experience. It is fondly remembered for its sushi conveyor belt and buffets that had taken New Delhi and India by a culinary storm. The Yum Yum Tree was way ahead of its time. Eventually Yum Yum Cha came in, at Select Citywalk Mall in 2014. It spread its branches with unprecedented love from the people of Delhi to DLF Cyber Hub in 2016, Khan Market in 2017 and DLF Promenade in 2018. Yum Yum Cha in DLF Mall of India Noida in 2023 was a charming addition to the group’s portfolio. A feature by FnB columnist Richa Grover for Asian Lite International.

Yum Yum Cha’s defining philosophy is well communicated by its symbols, representing delicious sushi, dimsum, seafood (fish & crab), meats (chicken, pork & lamb), Japanese hospitality (geisha), cheery drinks, super quick and no-frills casual dining (rabbits, umbrellas & slippers), huge meal bowls (elephant and rice bowls).

Yum Yum Cha serves Little Bundles of Joy, Huge Bowls of Happiness! Delightful surprises, as artful as the origami installations, are the essence of the traditional and authentic Pan Asian Bistro. The impeccable ingredients and premium produce are reflected in every plate.

The diverse and extensive menu, with a separate Gluten Free section, along with the vibrant and eclectic ambience caters to a wide range of customers. One can enjoy the open kitchen view and a stunning ceiling done up with origami installations while feasting on the light, flavourful and pocket-friendly healthy cuisine.

Nestled in a prime location in Noida, it boasts a spacious and inviting atmosphere. With an open layout and ample seating, guests can find a comfortable and relaxed environment for their dining experience.

The experience is highlighted with the finest gourmet offerings like Dim Sum and Sushi, Sizzling Stone Bowls, Bubbling Hot Pots, Mochi Ice Cream, Fun Bottles and many new and exciting nibbles!

The chefs are skilled culinary artisans, masters of their craft. With their expertise, passion, creativity, and attention to detail, they deliver an exceptional dining experience with a side of flair and finesse!

Bursting with flavours, the Sizzling Bowls have an irresistible combination of aroma and taste. The exquisite Japanese Pizzas are full of flavour and freshness. The vibrant and refreshing Fun Bottles pair beautifully with the savouries. Mochi Ice Cream is a crowd favourite and one can end their meal on this cold and sweet note. It’s remarkable how the brand has put Mochi ice cream from Japan on a mainstream menu in India. 

A meal at Yum Yum Cha Noida is all about savouring some of the finest Dim Sums & Sushi, Sizzling Stone Bowls, Bubbling Hot Pots, Mochi Ice Cream, Fun Bottles and many new and exciting innovative nibbles.

A gastronomic adventure that showcases the variety of Pan Asian Cuisine and leaves you wanting more! An extension of the Yum Yum Tree Repertoire, Yum Yum Cha is a destination discerning diners can rest assured that the reliable cuisine will be good consistently.

So, if you are looking for delectable dishes, generous portion sizes, great taste, charming presentation, attentive service, upbeat vibe and an inviting atmosphere, then look no further and go through their doors soonest! Highly Recommended!

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