Stalin slams Governor Ravi’s actions as ‘childish’


Chief Minister Stalin said this in the legislative Assembly while giving a Motion of Thanks to the Governor’s address….reports Asian Lite News

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, MK Stalin said on Thursday that his government was challenging autocratic rule and would not be cowed down by the “childish behaviour” of Tamil Nadu Governor, RN Ravi.

Chief Minister Stalin said this in the legislative Assembly while giving a Motion of Thanks to the Governor’s address.

Stalin accused the Governor of using the Assembly for the extension of his political activities.

Stressing on his Dravidian roots, Stalin said that his ‘Dravidian Model’ government had overcome many obstacles in the past and would continue to “pulverise obstacles.”

Referring to the refusal of RN Ravi to read the prepared text of the Governor‘s address, Stalin said, “Let me say in my capacity as the leader of a movement that is capable of pulverising obstacles, that I am Muthuvel Karunanidhi Stalin. I cannot be browbeaten or stopped.”

The Chief Minister said, “Protocol demands that the Governor address the House at the beginning of the session. The Governor, however, behaved in a way that made us believe that he was using the Assembly as an extension of his political activities. Was it not an act that denigrated a century-old Assembly? Was it not an act that slighted the people of Tamil Nadu? Was it not amounting to violating and denigrating the Constitution by which he took the oath of office?”

The Chief Minister added that there was a time when it was said that North India was progressing and the South was languishing.

Now South India has achieved growth and is contributing to the progress of the North, he pointed out.

Stalin said that this growth was achieved and became possible because of the Dravidian Movement.

He said, “The government is not just to wield power, it is a tool to implement our ideology.”

Stalin said that the 33 months of his government had proved to be months of development and achievements.

Stalin added that Tamil Nadu’s share of the Indian economy was nine per cent, and this was his government’s first achievement.

He also said that rivals were angry because the Tamil Nadu Government had removed oppressive forces and had uplifted the oppressed.

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