TDP vows to scrap Land Titling Act if voted to power


Chandrababu Naidu said that if the act comes into force the people have no security on their lands….reports Asian Lite News

TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu said that if his party comes to power Andhra Pradesh Land Titling Act will be rescinded. He added that if the act comes into force the people have no security on their lands.

Addressing a public meeting at Pathapatnam of Srikakulam district on Tuesday during his Praja Galam, Naidu also promised to complete the remaining works of the Polavaram project with the cooperation of the Centre.

The TDP supremo assured the government employees of setting up a better Pay Revision Commission (PRC) and clearing all the pending dues to them.

Observing that the middle-class and lower middle-class people are suffering a lot from the rising prices of all commodities, the TDP national president also promised to control the prices of all products immediately after coming back to power.

Naidu said that the Integrated Tribal Development Agency (ITDA) will be strengthened to get better benefits and facilities for all the Girijans in the State.

The TDP supremo made an appeal to the youth to carry the flags of all the three partners of the NDA to bring awareness among the people on the need to support the alliance.

Chandrababu also promised to come to the rescue of the Vamsadhara displaced.

“You all got carried away by the false promises made by the YSRCP leaders, including its president, Jagan Mohan Reddy, in the last elections and voted for that party. But Jagan, after becoming the Chief Minister, without utilising the opportunity given to him destroyed the State,” Chandrababu said.

He alleged that Jagan laid the foundation for the devastation with the demolition of the Praja Vedika and even ruined Amaravathi besides causing huge damage to Polavaram.

He also alleged that Jagan is ruling the roost only to loot the State with sand, land, liquor and mining mafia. Naidu said that the living standards of all sections of people have come down drastically.

Naidu clarified that the alliance of the three parties is only for the welfare and benefit of the State and termed the Jana Sena chief, Pawan Kalyan, as a real hero even in real life.

He is confident that the BJP is coming back to power at the Centre and made it clear that the alliance is for the benefit of employment for the youth, for security of women and for the welfare of the farming community.

Majority of the daily-wage labourers are from Srikakulam district, he said and stated that Srikakulam Colonies are existing even in cities like Hyderabad, New Delhi and Vijayawada.

“The immediate need is to provide employment in the district to check these migrations. If proper education is provided to the youth this is possible and they will get employment in this area itself,” he said.

Alleging that the suicides of farmers are raising alarmingly in the past three to four years, he said this is because the farming sector is hit hard in the YSRCP rule.

“Immediately after we come to power Minimum Support Price (MSP) will be provided for all the farm products and crop insurance will be implemented,” he stated.

Jagan, who promised to bring down the power charges before coming to power, has revised the tariff at least nine times in these five years, he said and added that the monthly power bill which was just Rs 200 earlier has now gone up to Rs 1,000 per month.

“During the TDP regime I have never revised the power tariff and in fact, brought in solar power reforms with which the farmers got some revenue with these reforms,” Chandrababu said.

The TDP supremo asked the people whether Jagan has issued a job calendar and announced Mega DSC as promised and said that the youth did not get even a single person got a job in these five years.

If youth want jobs Babu should be back in power and if people want ganja Jagan should come back, he said and promised to increase the monthly remuneration to the volunteers to Rs 10,000.

Assuring women that he will stand by them, Chandrababu felt that the Super-Six will totally transform the living standards of women.

He also promised to increase the monthly pension to Rs 4,000 to all the beneficiaries which will be implemented from April this year itself.

Jagan should stop this politics and distribute the pension at the doorstep of the beneficiaries, he said.

The TDP supremo made an appeal to the people to elect Ram Mohan Naidu to the Lok Sabha from here and Govinda Rao to the Assembly and promised to complete all the pending projects in the area immediately after coming to power. (ANI)

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