‘Gaza war a betrayal of humanity’


The war began on October 7 with an unprecedented attack by Hamas militants resulting in the death of 1,170 people in southern Israel…reports Asian Lite News

Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza has escalated into a “betrayal of humanity,” the United Nations’ humanitarian chief said Saturday.

In a statement on the eve of the six-month anniversary of the war, Martin Griffiths, the outgoing under-secretary-general for humanitarian affairs and emergency relief, called for a “collective determination that there be a reckoning for this betrayal of humanity.”

“Each day, this war claims more civilian victims,” said Griffiths, who will leave his post at the end of June due to health reasons.

“Every second that it continues sows the seeds of a future so deeply obscured by this relentless conflict.”

The war began on October 7 with an unprecedented attack by Hamas militants resulting in the death of 1,170 people in southern Israel, mostly civilians, Israeli figures show.

Palestinian militants also took around 250 Israeli and foreign hostages, about 130 of whom remain in Gaza, including more than 30 the army says are dead.

Vowing to destroy Hamas, Israel has relentlessly bombarded the territory by air, land and sea, killing at least 33,137 people, mostly women and children, according to the health ministry in the Hamas-run territory.

Griffiths lamented “the unconscionable prospect of further escalation in Gaza, where no one is safe and there is nowhere safe to go.”

He added that “an already fragile aid operation continues to be undermined by bombardments, insecurity and denials of access.”

“On this day, my heart goes out to the families of those killed, injured or taken hostage, and to those who face the particular suffering of not knowing the plight of their loved ones,” he said in the statement.

Protests in Israel for Netanyahu’s removal

The anti-government protesters have once again stormed the streets in Israel, calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and demanding early elections in the country amid its ongoing war with Hamas.

The demonstrators took to the streets of Tel Aviv, Caesarea and Haifa on Saturday, according to CNN, where they called for the release of the hostages by waving Israeli flags and holding signs featuring their images.

“We are not afraid; you destroyed the country, and we will fix it. We want them (hostages) back alive and not in coffins,” the protesters in Tel Aviv were heard chanting, as per CNN.

Another banner called for the “division of religion and state,” and one stated that “Netanyahu is dangerous to Israel.”

Demonstrators in Haifa referred to the government as a failure, calling Netanyahu “guilty, guilty, guilty,” according to CNN.

“Elections now!” read another banner held by a protester.

Israelis have been expressing increasing dissatisfaction with Netanyahu’s management of the ongoing conflict, and the release of the hostages who have been held in Gaza since October 7.

In Tel Aviv, a protester was arrested for punching and injuring a police officer during an anti-government rally on Saturday, according to a statement from the Israeli Police.

The Israel Police also warned protesters not to light bonfires as demonstrators march through the streets, saying it can be “life-threatening” around the crowd.

“We will act with zero tolerance towards those who disrupt the order and behave violently towards police officers,” authorities said in a statement, according to CNN.

Earlier this week, tens of thousands of Israelis demonstrated in Jerusalem, demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and more attempts to release captives held in Gaza.

After demonstrating in front of the Israeli parliament on Sunday night, where they lit fires and waved the flag, protesters closed a major municipal route.

They asserted that this was the largest demonstration since the start of the Gaza War in October. Protesters yelled Netanyahu “must go,” and police responded by using water cannons against the crowd, jostling and pushing them back.

The prime minister has been under increasing pressure as opponents of his right-wing government have united with the families of the roughly one hundred hostages that Hamas in Gaza still holds.

Months of demonstrations against Netanyahu over divisive judicial reforms had occurred even prior to Israel’s war on Gaza. (ANI)

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