Kharge targets Modi in RS, raises paper leak


The Congress chief said that thousands of NEET aspirants were affected by the paper leak. He said that the government initially denied any paper leak then later they clarified and accepted that irregularities happened. The LoP also urged to scrap the Agnipath scheme…reports Asian Lite News

Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the ruling BJP on Monday over various issues including the ongoing row over the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) and arrests of Opposition leaders.

During his speech in Rajya Sabha on the debate on President Droupadi Murmu’s address, Kharge said, “PM Modi embarrassed India. They used to call the Gamandiya alliance, they used to say if there is Modi, anything is possible. But the arrogance of BJP was broken after the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.”

Kharge also hit out at PM Modi over his remarks during election rallies against Congress over redistribution of wealth, Mangalsutra, reservation and ‘Mujra’ among others.

He also took a dig at PM Modi’s “ek akela sab pe bhari” remark and said “Ek akela par aaj kitne log bhaari hei, election ne dikha diya ki desh ka samvidhan aur janata sab par bhaari hei.” (Elections proved that Constitution and public weigh over everything)

The Congress chief said that thousands of NEET aspirants were affected by the paper leak. He said that the government initially denied any paper leak then later they clarified and accepted that irregularities happened. The LoP also urged to scrap the Agnipath scheme

“President has said we will work together. But the words have been confined to just speech and not in action,” he said.

He also criticised the government over arrests of opposition leaders and alleged misuse of central agencies including the Directorate of Enforcement and the Central Bureau of Investigation in an attempt to “silence the opposition.”

“This election witnessed that a major issue was protecting the Constitution. BJP said it will amend the Constitution. But the elections proved that issues keep coming and going but Constitution will thrive, democracy will survive, elections will keep happening and we will also be here,” Kharge said.

“The common people supported the opposition in this fight. They took a major step towards protecting the Constitution,” he added.

The LoP also questioned the relocation of statues of national leaders in the Parliament House complex.

“There was no meeting or prior consultation. It was done as though in authoritarian rule,” he said. He urged for discussion with the committee that includes LoP, members, and the House Chairman.

However, Rajya Sabha Chairman Jagdeep Dhankar said that it has been done properly and methodically and there should not be criticism for the sake of criticism. He also urged members to visit the new location.

Union Parliamentary Affairs Minister also objected to Kharge’s criticism and clarified that statues were not kept at just any location but shifted with proper respect and given appropriate space. (ANI)

LS Speaker clears the air after Rahul’s jibe

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla had a verbal exchange inside the House on Monday when the latter questioned him as to why he bowed down to Prime Minister Narendra Modi when he shook hands with the PM on the day he was elected as Speaker of Lok Sabha on June 26.

Participating in the debate on the Motion of Thanks to the President for her address to a joint sitting of Parliament, Rahul Gandhi said that whatever the Speaker says fundamentally defines Indian Democracy.

“There are two structures; one is he (Rahul Gandhi) as an individual and one is the Leader of the Opposition. As individuals, I might have likes and dislikes but I as Leader of Opposition have to suppress them, reduce them and say my the voice of opposition. That is the idea of the democratic system. The people have given me responsibility and that responsibility should overcome my personal likes, dislikes and aspirations. Now Speaker sir why I am saying this and forgive me for saying this but when you were being put on that chair I walked there to help you to walk to the chair and I shook hands with the Prime Minister and you (Om Birla) and them I walked to your chair. You are the final arbiter of the Lok Sabha. You are the final word here. What you say fundamentally defines Indian Democracy. You don’t allow us to speak, you allow us to speak, you allow them to speak, you don’t allow us to speak, all these things define Indian Democracy,” Rahul said.

He further told Lok Sabha Speaker that two people were sitting on the chair.

“There is the Speaker of Lok Sabha and there is Mr Om Birla, when Modi ji went and shook your hand and I went to shook your hand, I noticed something, when I shook your hand, you stand straight and shake hand with me and when Modiji shook the hands you bowed down and shook his hands,” the Congress leader claimed.

This remark prompted an immediate response from Union Home Minister Amit Shah, who accused Rahul Gandhi of disrespecting the chair.

New Delhi, July 01 (ANI): Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla in the House during the ongoing Parliament session, in New Delhi on Monday. (ANI Photo/Sansad TV)

“Yeh chair ke samane aroop hai,” the Home Minister said.

Speaker Om Birla responded to Rahul Gandhi’s remarks, saying his “Sanskriti, sanskar” tell him that he should bow to elders and treat those younger to him inappropriate way.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the Leader of the House. Mera sanskar kehta hai ki jo hamse bade hain unse jhuk ke namaskar karo and barabar walo se seedhe khade hoke (My culture teaches me to bow down in front of elders and shake hands with equals by standing straight),” Birla said, referring to a cultural norm of showing respect to elders.

The Congress leader reiterated his respect for the Speaker’s words but maintained his stance on the importance of the Speaker’s role.

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