MEA warns against ‘fake job rackets’ targeting youth in Myanmar


Indian Embassy stated that they are working closely with concerned authorities for the safety and rescue of Indian nationals…reports Asian Lite News

The Indian Embassy in Myanmar has warned its citizens to stay away from ‘fake job rackets’ targeting youth. An advisory issued by the Indian Embassy stated that an increase in incidents has been recorded and in view of the same it reminds its people to follow their advice and not accept any job offers without first checking with the Embassy.

“There has been an increase in the incidents of Indian nationals falling victim to the international crime syndicates active in the Myawaddy region on the Myanmar-Thailand border. We would re-emphasize the importance of adhering to our advisories on the subject for not taking any such job offers without consulting the respective Indian Embassies,” the Indian Embassy in Myanmar said in a press release on Monday.

The release further states, that this advisory is being issued in continuation of the Embassy’s advisories on the above subject, issued on 5th July 2022, 14 October 2022, 28th March 2023 and 13th September 2023.

In a post on X, the Indian Embassy stated that they are working closely with concerned authorities for the safety and rescue of Indian nationals.

“Please see our updated Advisory below, regarding fake job racket targeting Indian youth. More details at We are also working closely with concerned authorities for the safety and rescue of Indian nationals who fall victim to such crime syndicates,” Indian Embassy said on X.

A new location in Pha Lu area, South of Myawaddy town is reported to have emerged recently where most of the Indian victims are being trafficked into, via Thailand, after being recruited from India as well as from countries like Malaysia, UAE etc.

“In view of the above, it is reiterated that Indian nationals should not accept such job offers floated through social media platforms or other unverified sources. Indian nationals are advised to check/verify the credentials of foreign employers through the Indian Embassy located in that country. The antecedents of recruiting agents as well as companies should also be established before taking up any job offer abroad,” the statement added.

“Embassy of India, Yangon may be contacted through Email- and Mobile No.- +9595419602 (WhatsApp/Viber/Signal) for any Myanmar-related query in this regard,” it added.

“On the basis of inputs shared by the victims, an updated list of suspected agents, agencies and compounds involved in these criminal activities is enclosed,” the release said.

Recently, MEA spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal also addressed this matter and said that three Indians had been contacted for repatriation and one has already been brought back.

He futher reminded of the notice to job-seekers that cautioned them to be careful, while applying for jobs in South East Asian countries.

Indian nationals have been duped with job offers from transitional crime syndicates in Myanmar and were made to work under harsh conditions.

So we will yet again through you and through all of you remind people who take up this assignment that they should be careful in their approach,” said an MEA spokesperson.

Earlier, the Indian Embassy in Myanmar shared that over 400 Indian nationals have been rescued so far and asked Indian citizens to exercise caution and not get trapped in such fake job offers.

Earlier in September 2022, in an advisory to Indian citizens, the MEA had cautioned IT-skilled youth who were the targets of such fake job rackets. In October, India rescued around 45 Indians trapped in fake job rackets in Myanmar. (ANI)

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