Trudeau’s plane breaks down again, this time in Caribbean


This marks the second such incident in recent memory, after the delay faced during Trudeau’s departure from India during the G20 Summit in September last year….reports Asian Lite News

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau faced a minor setback during his recent visit to the Caribbean, as an aircraft glitch prompted the Canadian Armed Forces to send a second plane with a repair team to address the snag.

This marks the second such incident in recent memory, after the delay faced during Trudeau’s departure from India during the G20 Summit in September last year. The Prime Minister, who had embarked on a family holiday, found himself facing a similar predicament in Jamaica.

“We can confirm two Royal Canadian Air Force CC-144 Challengers were in Jamaica supporting transport for the prime minister,” a spokesperson for Canada’s defence department said.

The issue was identified on January 2, as reported by CBC News. Swift action was taken, with the second plane carrying a maintenance team arriving on the scene a day later to rectify the problem with the original aircraft.

Despite the unexpected hiccup, Trudeau managed to adhere to his original travel schedule, returning on January 4 without further delays. Both planes involved in this incident were identified as CC-144 Challenger aircraft, relatively recent acquisitions by the Canadian Armed Forces.

This follows a pattern of mishaps in Trudeau’s recent travel history.

Notably, in September, his departure from Delhi after the G20 Summit was delayed due to an unspecified mechanical glitch. In 2019, amid his re-election campaign, a collision between a bus carrying journalists and an aircraft chartered by Trudeau’s Liberal party created a chaotic scenario.

Later that same year, he had to switch to a backup plane for a NATO summit in London after the original suffered damage in a hangar accident. Unfortunately, complications arose with the backup aircraft, compelling Trudeau to opt for a third one for his return journey.

Meanwhile, Trudeau has been receiving strong criticism from the opposition parties over his latest luxury holiday that he took with his family at an oceanfront villa in Jamaica at no cost.

The Canadian Prime Minister met with the customary question of whether he should accept complimentary vacation accommodations from affluent friends.

As to the National Post, Trudeau is under criticism from opposition parties for using a free oceanfront villa in Jamaica for his winter vacation. On the resort’s website, rooms are available for about USD9,300 per night, Global News reported.

The owner of Prospect Estate and Villas, which is close to Ocho Rios, is a businessman named Peter Green. The Trudeaus have been known by the Green family for many years, the report stated.

Trudeau, as per the report vacationed at Prospect Estate from December 26 to January 4 with his three children and Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau.

Although the prime minister’s office claimed in a statement that the vacation was approved by the ethics commissioner, it did not disclose where Trudeau and his family stayed in Jamaica.

“The Prime Minister and his family are staying with family friends at no cost. As per standard practice, the Office of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner was consulted on these details prior to the travel to ensure that the rules were followed,” the prime minister’s press secretary Mohammad Hussain told Global News in an email on Thursday.

“The Prime Minister continues to reimburse the equivalent of a commercial airline ticket for his personal travel and that of his family,” he added.

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