3rd Day of Turbat Protest: Baloch Demands Safe Return

On July 21, Families of forcibly disappeared Baloch individuals launched a hunger strike unto death in the Turbat district of Pakistan’s Balochistan…reports Asian Lite News As the five missing Baloch people’s families continued their protest for the third day, activist Mahrang Baloch demanded the safe return of the missing people. In a statement, she said the Baloch people are protesting because the Counter Terrorist Department abducts people. In a post...

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Market Awaits Budget

The week ahead sees the budget being presented on Tuesday the 23rd of July. Expectations are that there would be announcement of some freebies and that income tax relief of Rs 50,000 or thereabouts would be announced at the bottom of the pyramid…reports Asian Lite...

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Prenatal Stress May Raise Depression and Obesity Risks in Kids

The body’s stress management system, the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal (HPA) axis, releases cortisol in response to stress…reports Asian Lite News High stress among women in pregnancy may get passed on to the foetus and raise the risk of depression and obesity among children later, finds...

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