South Indian garment manufacturers set up online platform


Sigma E Marketplace is anticipated to provide the services straight to the customers as the pandemic made a serious dent on the textile sector…reports Asian Lite News

A new online home delivery system is launched by South Indian Garments Manufacturers Association(Sigma) to tackle the crisis faced by the textile sector nowadays. A mobile application is set up to launch soon.

Sigma E Marketplace is anticipated to provide the services straight to the customers concerning the covid-19 safety standards. The ultimate aim is to replace the online shopping giants like Amazon, Flipkart and Ajio through giving an international level website and mobile application which they forsee in favour of the customers. The delivery will also be expedited.

As the textile sector in Kerala is going through a period of unparalleled distress for the past three years, many of the merchants have not been able to open their shops for months and are unable to pay the rent.

The problems faced by the clothing merchants had started even before the Covid-19 outbreak .The pandemic has caused a loss of about Rs 1000 crore in the sector.

The mobile app aims to reach out to more than three lakh people in the state, both directly and indirectly, through the garment trade. A system that includes everything from clothing manufacturers to wholesalers and retailers ,Wholesale-to-retail and retail-to-customer trading is possible. The project is based on study in the field of online clothing conducted by Sigma. The aim is to create an opportunity to sell products all over India.Each merchant can register for free by going to the link.

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