Oman Pavilion highlights vision of identity based on glorious civilisation


The Oman pavilion continues to participate in Expo 2020 Dubai as the country’s civilisation is embodied in portraits throughout the ages highlighting its visions and realities…reports Asian Lite News

According to the Oman News Agency (ONA), this civilisation advances from the interaction that has shaped the vision of Omanis throughout history represented in preserving their cultural and social identity.

During the mega event, Oman sheds light on diverse stories of sustainability starting from connecting minds to creating opportunities for the future, which are identical to the key themes of the Expo 2020 Dubai.

Oman Pavilion highlights vision of identity based on glorious civilisation

The striking design of the Omani pavilion is inspired by the frankincense tree (boswellia sacra tree). It was designed by two Omani young women; Rehab Al Zakwani and Alyaa Al Batashi, who developed touches representing an addition to the achievements made by the Omani youth in Oman.

The external spaces surrounding the pavilion host ten Omani frankincense trees, which were protected by the Oman Botanic Garden in 2013 after being threatened by one of the road extensions in Hasik, in the southern part of Sultanate of Oman. These natural trees are planted in a panoramic landscape view, and they will be returned to the garden after the expo.

The Omani pavilion seeks to highlight four key themes namely sustainability, fostering talents, communication and knowledge.

The pavilion consists of two floors: the ground floor (the mother tree), where the visitor is at a real-life meeting with the electromechanical design of the tree, which is centred in the middle of the hall, mimicking the exact details of the natural tree and symbolising many physical, emotional and spiritual meanings as well as its various practical uses.

On the perimeter wall, a panoramic screen shows the story of Omani frankincense from Wadi Douka and its journey via the world’s various civilisations through times (trade in the Arabian Peninsula, mummification in ancient Egypt, Christian prayers in the Old Testament and traditional Chinese medicine), in line with the key theme of Expo 2020 Dubai, Connecting Minds.

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On the first floor, the Growth Hall “The Forest of Sustainability”, visitors walk through a virtual forest of frankincense trees made from transparent display screens used to showcase eight different sustainability stories in Oman.

The stories are about projects of sustainable dimension namely the Million Date Palm Plantation Project, the use of drone techniques for pollination and fish farming, the use of Internet of Things (IoT) technology to feed fish, renewable energy and win, (WAM)

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