Ghani Ready To Share Power With Taliban


The head of the High Council for National Reconciliation, Abdullah Abdullah, presented to the members of Troika-plus the scheme of Afghan government for winding up the ongoing war in Afghanistan, reports Asian Lite Newsdesk

The Afghan government has offered the Taliban a share in power so long as the rising violence in the country comes to a halt, Al Jazeera reported on Thursday, citing a government source.

The proposal was delivered through Qatar, the host of Afghan peace talks, according to the source.

In another development, the head of the High Council for National Reconciliation (HCNR), Abdullah Abdullah, presented to the members of Troika-plus the scheme of Afghan government for winding up the ongoing war in Afghanistan.

The extended Troika meeting comprises the US, Russia, China, and Pakistan, aimed at resuming meaningful intra-Afghan peace negotiations.

Abdullah said the Afghan government is committed to end the ongoing conflicts through negotiations.

The head of HCNR was addressing the representatives of the US, China, Pakistan and Russia in the Troika-plus meeting held in Doha on Wednesday evening.

Abdullah further added that the major powers of the world along with the Afghans want an independent and united Afghanistan which is free of terrorism.

He also accused the Taliban of being indifferent to the peace negotiations which has led to a stalemate in intra-Afghan talks.

The Afghan foreign ministry also raised grave concerns over the Taliban’s brutal attacks on cities, which have led to war crimes and blatant human rights violations and humanitarian catastrophe in the country.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan reiterates that the continuation of the Taliban’s bloody attacks in collusion with regional and international terrorists will not only lead to a humanitarian catastrophe and the protraction of war in Afghanistan but also exacerbate violent extremism and incite terrorists in the region posing a serious and irreparable threat to the collective security of the region and the world,” the foreign ministry statement said.

“Therefore, stopping the Taliban violence and crimes in direct collusion with regional and international terrorists will be not only in the interest of Afghanistan but in the interest of the whole world, especially the countries of the region,” it added.

Afghan security force members walk past coffins of comrades killed in a checkpoint attack by Taliban militants in Faiz Abad district of Jawzjan province. (Photo by Mohammad Jan Aria_Xinhua_IANS)

Taliban move closer to Kabul

The Taliban have captured the city of Ghazni, the capital of the eponymous province in Afghanistan’s southeast, the Taliban’s member Qari Yousaf Ahmadi said on Thursday.

The militants seized the governor’s residence, police headquarters, a prison and several other facilities in the city, Qari Yousaf Ahmadi wrote on Twitter.

The Afghan government forces have suffered significant casualties, and 10 soldiers surrendered, Ahmadi added.

In addition, the radical group has taken control of most areas in the city of Tarinkot, the capital of the Uruzgan province, without any resistance, a local source told Sputnik.

Meanwhile, the security forces arrested Ghazni Governor Dawood Laghmani along with his colleague in the afternoon, said an Interior Ministry officials.

The governor was arrested after he left the Ghazni province for Kabul, TOLO News citing ministry spokesperson reported.

“Dawood Laghmani, governor of Ghazni province, and his colleagues were arrested by security forces this afternoon, said Interior Ministry spokesman Mirwais Stanekzai. The governor was arrested after he left the province for Kabul and the Taliban captured most of Ghazni city,” it said in a Tweet.

Currently, the Taliban are trying to capture the local police headquarters. At the same time, the Afghan military liberated overnight a large area two kilometers from the city, the source added.

The hostilities in Afghanistan have been on the rise since foreign troops began withdrawing from the country. (ANI/Sputnik)

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