Pakistan being made a scapegoat: Qureshi


Pakistani Foreign Minister also said that Islamabad has pleaded its case at the international forum. “We have been saying time and again that Pakistan has no ‘favourites’ in Afghanistan.”…reports Asian Lite News

Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Monday informed that Islamabad was being made a “scapegoat” for the mistakes of those in Afghanistan.

Addressing a press conference on Monday, Qureshi also said that Pakistan itself was a victim of the Afghan crises, “We have paid a huge price, we’re the victims, this has to be understood… we have 80,000 casualties and we suffered economic losses,” Qureshi said as reported by The Express Tribune.

However, according to Afghanistan top officials, Pakistan and its Army continue to provide a safe haven to the insurgent groups and their affiliates.

The Taliban with the help of the Pakistani Army has intensified attacks in the Nangarhar Province and captured some security check posts in border districts of Achin and Pacher wa Agam. Hesarak, Sherzad, Pacher wa Agam, Deh Bala (Hska Mina), Achin, and Surkhrod Districts have seen an increase in Taliban attacks.

According to reports, in the wake of rising casualties among Taliban cadres and its affiliates, including Al-Qaeda, a number of injured terrorists have been relocated to Quetta city for medical treatment.

Pakistani Foreign Minister also said that Islamabad has pleaded its case at the international forum. “We have been saying time and again that Pakistan has no ‘favourites’ in Afghanistan.”

Meanwhile, the Taliban have captured Samangan province’s capital Aybak city on Monday as US troops continue its drawdown from Afghanistan.

The Taliban’s recent skirmish became aggressive soon after the US troops started leaving war-torn Afghanistan in large numbers under the new peace deal signed between Washington and the insurgent group in February last year.

As the Taliban intensified attacks, Afghanistan started urging global organisations and to address the deteriorating situation in the country.

On Saturday evening, the US B-52 bombers targeted a Taliban gathering in Afghanistan’s Shebergan city. The terror group suffered heavy casualties during the US Air Forces strikes.

Diaspora demands sanctions against Pak

A protest was organised by the Afghan diaspora in Vienna, in front of the United Nations building on Monday.

The protest was led by Afghan cultural association (AKIS) founder Ghousuddin Mir. During the protest, the Afghan diaspora demanded UN to put sanctions on Pakistan for promoting proxy war in Afghanistan via financing the Taliban and killing innocent Afghans. Afghan diaspora also demanded the UN designate Pakistan as a terrorist state.

The protest was organised on Monday on a working day of Diplomats and officials in the United Nations to get maximum attention. It was attended by around 45 people carrying placards of “end proxy war on Afghanistan”, “Pakistan is the mother of terrorism”, “sanction Pakistan”, and “stop killing Afghans”.

This protest comes amid a surge in the Taliban offensive and reports of grave human rights violations and war crimes in the territory held by the terrorist group. While the peace talks are stuck in a stalemate, the Afghan government has repeatedly accused Pakistan of aiding the Taliban.

Ghousuddin Mir spoke about the current conditions in Afghanistan and blamed Pakistan for this situation.

He said Pakistan doesn’t care about Muslims especially those who are in Afghanistan and China. Mir also blamed Pakistan for the unrest and killing of innocent lives in Afghanistan. (ANI)

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