UAE hails its constructive ties with IAEA


The achievements of the UAE Peaceful Nuclear Programme are due to the constructive cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), according to Hamad Ali Al Kaabi, UAE Permanent Representative to IAEA…reports Asian Lite News

Al Kaabi said that the cooperation between the UAE and the agency represented a cornerstone of the UAE Peaceful Nuclear Energy Programme since the announcement in 2008 of announcing the general policy of the programme “Policy of the UAE on the Evaluation and Potential Development of Peaceful Nuclear Energy”.

In an interview, via videoconferencing from Vienna on the sidelines of the 65th General Conference of IAEA, Al Kaabi told WAM that one of the critical principles on which the programme’s general policy has been based since it was announced is work and direct cooperation with the IAEA.

Hamad Al Kaabi

He indicated that this cooperation includes several areas such as technical support and continuous evaluation by the agency of the country’s achievements and ensuring the fulfilment of all obligations and agreements such as the Safeguards Agreement and Convention on Nuclear Safety.

He also clarified that the agency’s programme and budget are discussed and approved at its General Conference, deemed the largest gathering of member states, in September of each year.

He also highlighted the effective participation of the UAE’s delegation in this significant international event.

He emphasised that the UAE’s success in planning and conducting the peaceful nuclear programme with a broad international partnership is an achievement for the country and the global nuclear sector. It is the first country to develop new peaceful nuclear programmes in more than three decades, which provides hope to countries looking to develop peaceful nuclear energy programmes.

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Al Kaabi indicated that the UAE’s successful programme was due to an integrated approach. It relied on the best international practices and directly cooperated with the IAEA, taking advantage of the expertise built over decades in the nuclear sector.

Regarding the Member States’ impression of the UAE’s peaceful nuclear programme, he said that many countries take it as a role model for developing their peaceful nuclear energy programmes.

He noted that the UAE has also been applauded worldwide for the way it works and its transparency and clear policy during the implementation phases.

Al Kaabi expressed his pride in the national cadres working in the peaceful nuclear energy sector, as the country has excellent experience gained over the past years since the launch of the peaceful nuclear programme.

He stressed that the achievements accomplished by the Emirati youth in the peaceful nuclear programme are a source of pride globally. “We consider them to be inspiring success stories that we are keen to shed light on,” he added.

Regarding the international emergency exercise known as “ConvEx-3”, which will be hosted by the UAE, Al Kaabi drew attention to the importance of this exercise. It is one of the world’s most complex exercises and takes place every three to five years to test the response capabilities and early notification to international emergencies in nuclear or radiological emergencies, reflecting the degree of importance attached to nuclear safety.

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