Salgaocars pioneer new laser therapy to alleviate health suffering in Goa


The Private Healthcare sector is fiercely competitive in Goa. Top hospitals eye a tiny population of approximately 1.5 MN populations in the state plus patients from neighbouring states of Karnataka and Maharashtra and Belgaum. In light of this background to adopt and accelerate innovative laser therapy for ano-rectal problems, the Shivanand Salgaocar managed SMRC ‘S VM Salagaocar 118 bedded state-of-the-art hospital has pioneered laser therapy to alleviate suffering and pain of patients in Goa, reports Rahul Laud 

Keeping in line with its tradition of innovation and research since 1981, the Salgaocars who have a diverse portfolio have invested in new equipment in its hospital recognising the demand and need of high quality sophisticated healthcare.

Dr. Santosh Koppal, Laparoscopic & GI Surgeon, Laser Proctologist at SMRC’s V.M. Salgaocar Hospital, Goa, who is a skilled specialist explained to Asian Lite  that the Ano–rectal conditions are haemorrhoids (or piles), fissure and Fistula in ano. According to an expert, approximately 50% of the population would have suffered from haemorrhoids in their life probably by the time they reach 50 years. About 5% of the population suffer from piles at a given point.

Dr. Santosh Koppal

Laser equipment used for proctology therapy ranges from Rs 8 lakhs to 14 lakhs depending on individual companies and their need for up-gradation in the equipment. The laser therapy is a bit expensive compared to conventional surgery because of special equipment used.

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