Kishan Devani BEM Appointed President of Commonwealth Forum


Kishan joins some huge names as fellow Presidents of the Club such as, Lord Peter Hain, Lord Rami Ranger, Lord Sheikh & others, reports Asian Lite News

Kishan Devani BEM, FRSA appointed President – International Relations of The Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club. Kishan joins some huge names as fellow Presidents of the Club such as, Lord Peter Hain, Lord Rami Ranger, Lord Sheikh & others.

“I am honoured and thrilled to have been appointed President – International Relations of The Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club, the Commonwealth is extremely important in an ever-increasing globalised world,” Kishan said.

“I am humbled to be able to work towards bringing the diverse nations of our Commonwealth closer together, build on trade & bring communities together.”

The Commonwealth comprises of 54 countries with a population of 2.5 billion people. The Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club (CEC), a private sector initiative, is a global network of distinguished individuals with impeccable qualifications and experiences.

CEC 2030 Vision is to trade, collaborate & finance global SMEs to alleviate poverty and create jobs’ helps countries in the Commonwealth increase export through SMEs development. Since SMEs are the backbone of any country collaborating globally with the Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Government Ministries along with Multi-Nationals and Public ltd.

The network of CEC members comprises thousands of distinguished leaders from different industries, academia, lords, dames, baronesses, ministers, senators, business leaders, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, diplomats, technocrats from various Commonwealth countries, partner states, and institutions. The CEC currently has a few hundred VIPs members from multiple sectors globally, joined in the last two years. This is the fastest-growing Club to trade and collaborate to alleviate poverty by creating jobs in various sectors.

Based in London (consisting of industrialists and technocrats) with a primary focus on growth and development, the CEC Club facilitates job creation through a joint economic forum. The Club provides a platform to SME & Public Sector for trade and assistance while aiming to alleviate poverty globally in general and in the Commonwealth nations. The CEC welcomes new members globally and provides a stable collaborative base that could be used as a springboard to achieve national goals set in CEC Vision 2030 to trade, collaborate and finance global SMEs.

The vision of CEC is to, develop communities that suffer from a shortage of technology, capital, or lack of trained people and assist in their growth ans development. CEC is committed to fighting global poverty by fostering relationships between nations. 

Mobin Rafiq, Founder & Chairman of The Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club said “We are pleased to appoint Kishan Devani BEM, FRSA as President -International relations of Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club. As you are aware CEC is now the fastest growing club focused on building bridges between the Commonwealth globally with the a vision to build trading relations, collaborate and assist global SMEs and inevitably alleviate poverty through creating jobs. We know Kishan will be an asset to The CEC to help SMEs go global and inevitably help on our journey of alleviating Poverty globally. Our motto is commonwealth is open to trade and collaboration globally, for which we believe Kishan Devani BEM, FRSA shall be an impeccable Ambassador for.”

Some of the sectors for collaboration and joint venture through CEC’s vision 2030 are:

Energy | Construction | Textile | Infrastructure | Industrial Parks | Mining | Housing | Education | Automobile | Agriculture | Finance | SMEs & MSMEs | Vocational Training | Tourism | IT | Trade | Healthcare

Membership is on an honorary basis and accessible only by invitation or by nomination. The Club website is

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