Russia lambasts US troop deployment, warns of perils


Russia’s Polyanskiy did not rule out that the West is preparing a provocation in the Donbas in order to then accuse the Russian Federation of the invasion….reports Asian Lite News

Russia strongly condemns the deployment of US’ and its allies’ troops as the steps into the wrong direction that have the potential to lead to crises, Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Dmitry Polyanskiy told Sputnik.

“With regards the deployment by the Americans and their allies of their troops to Eastern Europe, we strongly condemn this policy. We believe that these are steps in the wrong direction that, instead of defusing the tensions, lead to the escalation of the situation and could provoke crises that we all would like to avoid,” Polyanskiy said.

Polyanskiy also said the fact that the United States had already deployed about 175,000 troops in other countries cannot but worry Moscow, as well as does the placement of NATO’s military infrastructure near Russia’s borders.

Polyanskiy did not rule out that the West is preparing a provocation in the Donbas in order to then accuse the Russian Federation of the invasion. (ANI/Sputnik)

Russia’s Ambassador says Germany’s lethal weapons supplies to Ukraine unacceptable

 Germany’s lethal weapons supplies to Kiev are unacceptable and would not contribute to the constructive development of bilateral relations between Russia and Germany, Russian Ambassador to Berlin Sergey Nechaev told Sputnik.

“The country’s leading politicians, including Chancellor [Olaf Scholz] and German Foreign Minister [Annalena Baerbock], share the understanding that it is unacceptable to supply lethal weapons to Ukraine, given that it would in no way facilitate either the settlement process or the constructive development of Russian-German relations,” Nechaev said.

In recent weeks, Kiev has repeatedly criticized Berlin over its refusal to provide direct military assistance to Ukraine as well as hindering arms deliveries by NATO allies.

Scholz dismissed the criticism on Monday, saying that Germany would not allow weapons export to crisis regions, noting that Berlin seeks to support Ukraine economically, rather than militarily.

Russia firmly denies having any intention to escalate the situation in Ukraine and has repeatedly stated that rising fears of Russia’s alleged incursion into Ukraine are used as a pretext for advancing NATO’s military presence in Eastern Europe.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said that Moscow does not incite tensions around Ukraine, with the turmoil being deliberately promoted by the West to cover Kiev’s line to sabotage the Minsk agreements on Donbas. (ANI/Sputnik)

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