FAWOW: Kerala’s Fashion Game-Changer


FAWOW surfaces as a precisely designed business-to-business app, exclusively catering to the unique demands of the fashion and textile domains..reports Asian Lite News

The unveiling of the FAWOW app marks a transformative milestone, ushering in a realm of fresh prospects within the apparel manufacturing and selling domain.

This revolutionary application was ceremoniously introduced to the world by the esteemed Executive Directors of FAWOW Ventures: Ashwaq Nikottin, Abbas Addhara, and Shiju T. Alongside them, the assembly included the accomplished Directors Rejin Gaffar, Sajith UK, Shameer PA, and the proficient General Manager Noufal Ali. This significant event unfolded during an press conference hosted in Ernakulam, Kochi.

FAWOW emerges as a meticulously tailored fashion-centric business-to-business app, meticulously architected to cater exclusively to the distinctive needs of the fashion and textile sectors. The inception of this groundbreaking app was nurtured by Sigma, an influential association that synergizes apparel manufacturers and traders alike.

The driving impetus behind the FAWOW app is none other than FAWOW Ventures, an influential conglomerate comprising 130 stakeholders deeply enmeshed within the fabric of the apparel trade industry.

With ingenuity at its core, the application has been meticulously developed to serve as an empowering platform, empowering individuals in the clothing domain to invigorate their enterprises by tapping into an expansive realm of online business prospects.

In its nascent phase, the FAWOW platform is poised to host around 100 distinct brands. This revolutionary conduit will serve as an invaluable catalyst, enabling retail proprietors to swiftly acquaint themselves with the latest market offerings and seamlessly integrate them into their stores.

Alongside the luminary figures, FAWOW Ventures directors Mahin PA, Habil K Meeran, Safan Saleem, and Shabeer Mohammed, each a driving force in their own right, graced the press conference with their presence, underscoring the gravity of this momentous occasion.

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