US sees breakthrough in Gaza; Hezbollah strikes Israel


The official expressed optimism that this development could pave the way for an agreement as a step towards achieving a permanent ceasefire…reports Asian Lite News

Hamas militant group has made a significant shift in its stance regarding a potential hostage release deal with Israel, according to a senior US administration official, media reported.

The official expressed optimism that this development could pave the way for an agreement as a step towards achieving a permanent ceasefire, Reuters reported.

“We’ve had a breakthrough,” the official informed reporters during a conference call. However, they noted that there are still unresolved issues regarding the implementation of the agreement and cautioned that finalizing a deal is not expected within a matter of days.

Hezbollah rocket attack

An Israeli army officer was killed in Hezbollah rocket fire on Thursday, the Israeli military said in a press statement.

The slain was identified as Itay Galea, 38, a deputy company commander in the 8679th Unit of the Israeli army’s 679th Armored Brigade, Xinhua news agency reported.

He was killed when a rocket hit the Israeli-annexed Golan Heights during Hezbollah’s massive attacks against Israel.

Hezbollah launched about 200 rockets, missiles, and drones toward northern Israel in retaliation for Israel’s recent targeted killing of its senior military leader Mohammad Naameh Nasser in southwestern Lebanon’s Tyre city.

Galea, a reservist officer, fought in the Gaza Strip before being sent to northern Israel as part of Israel’s preparation for a possible full-fledged war with Hezbollah.

His death marked the 18th fatality among Israeli troops from Hezbollah attacks since the beginning of the cross-border fighting between the Lebanese armed group and Israel in early October last year.

Israel strikes Lebanon

A Hezbollah member was killed, and seven civilians were injured in Israeli airstrikes and artillery shelling in southern Lebanon, Lebanese military sources said.

The military sources, who spoke anonymously, told Xinhua news agency that Israel carried out 12 airstrikes targeting nine towns and villages, and its artillery bombed 17 border towns and villages, killing a Hezbollah member and injuring seven civilians on Thursday.

The sources noted that the Hezbollah member was killed, and three civilians were injured in an Israeli raid targeting a house in the village of Houla.

In another Israeli strike in the village of Kfarchouba, a shell falling on a house wounded two civilians, while two others were injured in a bombing on the southeastern town of Shebaa, the sources added.

They specifically noted that four members of the Civil Defence sustained minor injuries and suffered suffocation while extinguishing a fire in the municipality of Kounine.

The sources indicated that the Israeli bombing destroyed 17 homes, damaged 35 others, and led to nine fires in the border area.

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