Russian destroyer chases off US submarine near Pacific Islands


The submarine first ignored the demand to come up to the surface, but then left the Russian waters….reports Asian Lite News

A US submarine was chased off by a Russian anti-submarine destroyer near the Kuril Islands last week, forcing it to leave its territorial waters, Moscow said.

However, the US military has denied the Moscow’s claims.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin and his United States counterpart Joe Biden, did not discuss the incident with a US submarine in Russian waters, although the Russian Defence Ministry is dealing with this, local media reported quoting Kremlin aide Yury Ushakov on Saturday.

The Russian Defence Ministry had also summoned a US military attache after the Russian fleet discovered a US submarine in Russian waters near the Kuril islands, Sputnik News Agency reported.

The submarine first ignored the demand to come up to the surface, but then left the Russian waters.

“We know about this. And the defense ministry is taking the necessary steps. But the presidents did not talk about this,” Ushakov said, according to Sputnik.

During the phone call, Putin told Biden that Russian government agencies had finished discussing the response of US and NATO to Russia’s proposals on security guarantees, according to Kremlin aide Yury Ushakov.

“It was mentioned that our government agencies have practically completed discussions of our potential course of action, and an announcement will be made very soon,” Ushakov said, Sputnik reported.

Russia was to submit its response to the United States and NATO on security guarantees.

“On the whole, the presidents agreed that Biden’s views will be carefully considered in Moscow and, if possible, taken into account in our response to the documents received from the US and NATO, and we will present this response to our partners and the public in the near future,” Ushakov said.

The two leaders also agreed to continue contacts as Biden expressed willingness to built relations with Russia on the basis of mutual respect, the Kremlin aide noted as per the news agency. (with inputs from ANI)

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