UAE field hospital begins ops to help quake-hit Afghanistan


The field hospital established by the UAE in areas affected by the earthquake in Afghanistan began operating after being equipped with specialised medical staff, equipment, and supplies…reports Asian Lite News

UAE President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan issued directives to provide urgent aid for those affected by the earthquake.

The hospital includes 75 beds, 20 oxygen cylinders, and two operating rooms on an area of ​​1,000 square metres and will contribute to a rapid medical response for those injured who require urgent medical assistance.

Eisa Salem Aldhaheri, UAE Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, said: “Establishing the field hospital comes as part of the UAE’s efforts to respond to challenges and provide rapid medical intervention and life-saving treatment to those in difficult-to-reach areas most affected by the earthquake.”

The UAE has diversified its urgent relief assistance to earthquake victims, including various food and medical aid, extending from its commitment to participating in international efforts to address the impact of the earthquake that hit various areas in Afghanistan.

The UAE has sent three planes carrying a 1,000 sqm field hospital, which includes 75 beds and two operating rooms equipped with the latest medical supplies and devices, to offer relief to earthquake victims in Afghanistan.

The UAE also sent 16 metric tonnes of equipment and a medical team to operate the hospital and provide urgent medical services.

Aldhaheri underscored that the deployment of a specialised medical team and equipment reflects the UAE’s keenness to provide all the necessary requirements to start operating the field hospital as soon as possible. As a result of the earthquake, thousands of injured need rapid medical intervention and continued care.

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He added, “The UAE recently sent an aid plane carrying 30 metric tonnes of food supplies as part of the relief air bridge for earthquake victims in Afghanistan. The shipment is addressing the food shortage for a large number of families and vulnerable groups, especially women and children, affected by the earthquake.”

The UAE has diversified its urgent relief assistance to earthquake victims, as it included a variety of food and medical aid, as well as the field hospital, in an effort to participate in international efforts to alleviate the impact of the recent earthquake in Afghanistan.

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