UNSC demands Houthis to abide by truce terms


The United Nations Security Council has strongly condemned the terrorist attacks by the Houthi militia against Saudi Arabia last month…reports Asian Lite News

During a session on Monday, the UNSC expressed its expectation and demand that the Houthis abide by the terms of a “welcomed” truce, which came into effect on April 2, and immediately cease all cross-border attacks, the Arab News reported.

The Council also underscored the opportunity the truce affords to alleviate the humanitarian suffering of Yemenis and improve regional stability.

They further recalled the Houthis’ obligations under international law, including those related to the protection of civilians and civilian objects, it was reported.

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The members urged the building of confidence through measures such as, but not limited to, the re-opening of Taiz road and the regular flow of fuel deliveries, goods, and flights, in accordance with the agreed truce, according to the report.

The Council also called on all parties to seize the opportunity provided by the truce and work with the UN Special Envoy to make progress towards a comprehensive ceasefire and an inclusive political settlement, it was reported.